Shocking graphic images of dogs starved to death lead to man’s arrest

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In Laurens, South Carolina, a man has been charged with animal cruelty after graphic images showing chained dogs starved to death and one emaciated dog appeared on social media. The photos were taken at a home located on Springdale Drive where the dog owner lives with his grandmother. According to WSPANews, Markevious Simpson faces charges for three counts of animal cruelty and giving false information to police after his arrest on Thursday.Laurens County Humane Society 2

Simpson was also charged with the ill treatment of animals because he “knowingly and intentionally deprived an animal (dog) proper food, water, and shelter which resulted in the malnourishment” of the dog, causing its bones to be visible. Bond has been set at $15,000.Markevious Simpson

The Laurens County Sheriff Don Reynolds said he was alerted to the situation by the Laurens County Humane Society, who posted photos of the two dead dogs on their Facebook page after a concerned citizen sent the disturbing photos to the shelter’s attention. The situation has caused a lot of turmoil after the dead dogs, including a dog still alive and starving, were left at the property nearly a week after an investigation began, and Simpson still hadn’t been arrested at the time. On the Laurens County Humane Society Facebook, the following angry message was posted:

“While on the scene, we are told that the Deputy took pictures, spoke to someone at the home and wrote a report. He left the 2 dead dogs chained out in the rain and also left the only living dog, who had apparently escaped his chain and was roaming free. We were told that they couldn’t do anything on the weekend because Animal Control was closed. When asked about the obviously criminal animal cruelty that had occurred, we were told that Animal Control had to investigate before any action could be taken and that they would not be open until Monday morning. Of course we insisted that there must be an on-call Animal Control Officer to help the last living dog, but the Deputy told us after texting the lieutenant on duty, that there was no one to help and that it would have to wait until Monday morning.”Laurens county Humane Society 3

On Monday morning, the Laurens County Humane Society reached out to Animal Control and were informed there were no reports on the situation:

“After visiting the scene at our request, they reported that they also spoke to someone at the home and there was no sign of the living dog. From what we understand, the dead dogs were still on scene. Tuesday Feb 21, we spoke to Animal Control again to ask for any update on the case and we were told that this was a case for the Sheriff’s office to address because the Animal Control Officers no longer carry weapons or have the ability to act as law enforcement.”

Whether Animal Control or the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department “jockey for power is simply unacceptable” the Humane Society continued to post and that animals subjected to cruelty and neglect deserve better. Sheriff Reynolds explained that currently Animal Control is part of the Public Works department and issued the following public statement defending the criticism of the delayed investigation and subsequent arrest of Simpson:

“Animal control officers need to be trained, certified law enforcement officers. Animal control needs to be a 24×7 service. Neither are currently the case in Laurens County. I will not create a liability for the county by arming uncertified personnel and expecting them to put themselves and others in harm’s way. In order to provide the service that the you deserve, the Sheriff’s Office needs both the responsibility and the funding for animal control.Laurens County Humane Society 4

Given the proper resources, we would be able to provide the services that you expect and deserve.”

Follow the continuing situation and asking representatives for help with animal cruelty and neglect cases  by clicking here. Animal advocates are grateful to officers and animal control personnel for their love of animals – now is the time to get the proper help and support.

(Photos of dogs starved to death courtesy of Laurens County Humane Society)

(Please note there has been no update on the missing surviving dog alleged to be a shepherd breed)

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22 replies
    • Nancy Raymond says:

      Absolutely – and they can take this so called ‘Laurens County Animal Control’ and nail them to the next tree – this is appalling that these dogs were left to rot and the only live one was not taken and now he is missing. What a piss poor example of an agency that is supposed to help animals does nothing because they have weekends off. Disgusting – the whole bunch and I include the cops who did nothing but take pictures – incompetence sure reigns in Laurens.

  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    This monster probably killed the starving dog and dumped it somewhere. One less “piece of evidence” against him. He should be chained out, with no food, water, or shelter, and allowed to starve to death. Let this SOB feel what the dogs went through.

  2. willie hines says:

    dat crack head bum belongs with a chain around his neck , left in the forest with no crack pipe , legs cut off at the knees and let the animals have a free meal , Maybe not than ill have animal charges against me im sure he has aids and ring worms etc

  3. jeanette says:

    good grief, no one wants to be responsible for these dead and dying dogs. the deputies should have arrested him right away, then found the other dog and give it food and water until animal control could come and pick it up.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I see it’s South Carolina again! And what is all this irresponsibility. The Sheriff’s department can’t do anything because the Animal Control isn’t open, the Animal Control can’t do anything because they aren’t armed? Well then take a Sheriff’s deputy with you when you go to confront these monsters if you’re so afraid! It sounds like nobody want’s to do anything about this atrocity an just play the “blame game” and make excuses for not doing anything!. It sounds like Laurens County South Carolina needs a whole upheaval of all it’s public resources! They should be ashamed of themselves!

  5. Kathleen Drude says:

    Are you kidding me? Let me guess the mothers and fathers of these fools are also brothers and sisters! You need an animal control officer to tell you that 2 dogs are dead and another is close to death? You have no on call animal control officers who are trained to carry fire arms? Your so lucky that I’m not there because believe me when I tell you starting with the initial call when the first deputy went out there and going all the way up to the sheriff, I would make each and every one of these ignorant people my bitch!

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    IT’s NOT JUST the BPOS with the “Dred Locks” it’s also the BPOS Grandma ! These two Scum Bag’s need to be immediately incarcerated !!! What are “OLE GRANDMA & HER LITTLE GRANKID DOING siting there with the “meth pipes” smoking and making bets on how long it was going to take for those HELPLESS SOULS to STARVE to DEATH… How EVIL and CRASS these MAGGOT’S ARE!!! THEY SERIOUSLY NEED a FEDERAL TASK FORCE TAKING CONTROL OF GOOD OLE SOUTH CAROLIA & the SCUM that lives off the welfare , drug traffic INFESTING that DOWN TRODDEN STATE of CRACK , PILLS, and Needle Heads!!

  7. Sherry says:

    How hard is it to put a bowl of food down every day. I do not understand this unless they are just evil sadists. I don’t believe there could be anything that would redeem this individual to make them any more than a piece of shit.

    • pennysdachshund says:

      EXLAX 4 times a day! Continue without nutritional backup!!! Let this BBITCH SUFFER LIKE THOSE POOR DOGS did!!! HER PRECIOUS GRANSON Show a VIDEO to the ENTIRE population of the INMATES prior to his entry into the facility and replay it about 3 times a week… See how long even his own people put up with him!!!

  8. Kimberly says:

    This should not be an option to tell of the whereabouts of the living dog. I am so sick of these CRIMES going unpunished or barely punished. Howabout you get 75 years in prison. If you give us the living dog, you will get only 50 years. Stop treating animal abuse with such little regard. And no one was available on a weekend??? Who cares. Take the F*ing living dog…there are 2 dead dogs on the property and no authority could take the living dog? Such BS!

  9. maxiemom says:

    Chain that POS in the middle of nowhere without food or water and leave it to starve. That would be a much better fate that it deserves.


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