Family dog shot and killed

Family dog shot and killed after trying to protect woman from violent man

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A faithful family dog is dead in Daytona Beach, Florida, following a violent domestic dispute which took place inside of a home on Old Kings Road on Saturday afternoon.  According to the News Journal Online, the fatally injured dog had turned on 37-year-old William Cox just before the man fired his gun and killed the dog.

The family dog had started biting Cox when the man allegedly began pistol whipping his 31-year-old girlfriend, Candice Hall. After shooting the protective dog, Cox turned his gun on Hall, shooting her in the stomach – despite the injury, Hall was able to flee the house and run to safety.

By the time the authorities arrived to the residence, the dog, and the alleged shooter, were dead. Cox apparently committed suicide. Hall was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center for emergency surgery – her condition was listed as “critical.”

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Unlikely friends play a fun game – watch the adorable video here.

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  1. Stephen Lee Phillips says:

    Thank GOD this som’bitch DIED: Our only regret should be that it WASN’T BEFORE he shot this woman and murdered her dog….
    Aren’t we all so grateful he had access to his precious goddam Second Amendment rights? (NOT!)

    • Jamie says:

      Your right .Its horrible one life l got taken n another in critical. Expiecally in the way it happened to them. N why. (If even a reason why) no one should have to be in that or any other horror sistuation. Can only honor the one who gave his life pretecting his lady love. N pray for lady that shes going to be better then alright. I dont think bashing the second amendment many died for n continue to for this n more rights. Now dont get me wrong they’re are many things that need fixing. Laws, rules, government ,etc. But its disturbing that crazy unstable people can get a gun n in the newa thats all you here about. I just hope your minds open enough to knw they’re are many ,many of us who responsiblely own n use guns . For many things n for in part, the last resort for the very last resource of action against a lifethreating sistuation.
      This incident that happened is nothing but horrible n tragic all the way around. I just dont want a sphyco acctions to determine n punish those who understand n respect guns enough to knw when n how to use them.
      Not saying desicions need made for some changes basically about everything. Just dont be so fast to catagorize certain things without looking all aspects n
      The bigger picture n what will happen if second amndment gets shutdown or changed to make it hard for responsible people to have. If your not comfortable with guns i understand your view more then . But someone whos grown up learning gun safety, techniques n gun codes. Those people are just as comfortable with guns as those who never held been around guns are scared n uncertain. Doesnt mean cant change things for the better .. but on this subject, change has to be resonable. Unfortunately if took all guns away . They’re would still be sick motherfuc**rs that will find other ways to do what they do. My prayers go out to the brave dog, that gave his life and the woman who survived this horrible tragity!

  2. Sherry says:

    Stephen, yeah, he basically took out the trash for us ( himself) so we don’t have to deal with the creep in society or worry that he will get off super easy. But agree, sadly , it was too late for the loyal dog!

  3. Kathleen Drude says:

    This story is heart breaking for two reasons first the death of this brave dog trying to protect his owner and domestic violence! Most victims of domestic violence who have pets will not leave because there is no place to take their pet! The abuser will use that to control the situation! For the victims of domestic violence it comes down to the fact that if they leave the abuser will punish the pet and the victim knows this! It’s only recently that there are now shelters that will take in the victim and the pet or pets! This has to become something that takes hold in every state!

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    So he killed himself, well good riddance! The sad part is he didn’t do it BEFORE he killed the faithful dog and shot his girlfriend. Note to the woman who recently tearfully gave up her two dogs to “save her marriage”. take note of this, this could very well be you! Rest in peace brave dog and I hope the girlfriend has a speedy recovery.


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