Rescued: Pile of puppies left on cold shelter floor for weeks

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A pile of puppies huddled together in a Rio Grande Valley, Texas rural shelter for two weeks. When funds are scarce and families to adopt puppies are rare, decisions of life and death become stark realities – even for those so very young. Each of the six-puppies in the litter had been severely neglected, and each suffered with fleas, ticks, skin infections and mange. Each puppy was dehydrated and anemic – their skin itchy, red and raging; sadly there are few resources available for veterinarian care.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was asked to help, co-founder Stacey Silverstein arranged to have the puppies transferred to the organization’s partner veterinarian hospital in Dallas.

“The shelter said it was easier to kill them and be done with it. We said no – not going to happen,” Stacey wrote as she posted the photos of the puppies on the rescue’s Facebook page. “So what did we do? We rescued them all!”


Five of the puppies have been treated and transferred to foster homes, however Jasmine remains in the emergency hospital in serious condition. Jasmine has already been given a blood transfusion costing $750; she remains on a 24-hour intravenous drip as her condition is so dehydrated and weak. Her prognosis is unknown, but she is being given every chance to survive.

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(Photos of pile of puppies left to die in shelter courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Texas cattlemen can’t afford a few more bucks in taxes for innocent babies? I don’t don’t think too much of texas in the first place –now this?

  2. And this place calls themselves a shelter? They should be shut down immediately! Shelters are supposed to show compassion! Where is the compassion here!

  3. I have not commented for quite a while on these heinous stories from TEXAS because the problem is the TEXAS LAWS and the shockingly single minded, horrifyingly, undereducated people. How I have prayed for those ignorant people but NOW I just wish “THEY” would become a part of 3rd world Mexico so the USA could be free of this vile burden, TEXAS! AND…….As for the SICK shelter owners/employees/staff/volunteers——FUCK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PSYCHOPATIC COLD BLOODED BEHAVIORS!!! This is exactly what MANY of us have seen and heard about, so why fell sorry for you????????????????? HOW SICK.

    • Well I say GOD BLESS ALL THE VOLUNTEERS!!!!!!!!! Who are the ones who reach out and network to save these poor animals we read about!

  4. Lack of funds is just another piss poor excuse to allow these puppies to suffer – this hell hole couldn’t find some blankets for them? NO – just let them lay there and suffer – so typical of Texas whose maltreatment of animals is unsurpassed. Might as well be China. And once again, if not for Rescue Dogs Rock NYC these innocent dogs would be dead and this so called ‘shelter’ could have cared less. Pitiful.

  5. They are godawful people and they should be in jail! This is felony animal abuse and torture! Hoping that these puppies survive and find loving homes! As for the people at the shelter I hope Karma catches up with them soon!

  6. This is shameless and inexcusable!!! Government wastes tax money in some of the most ridiculous ways and here is an example of a way to put it to a good,helpful and kind way! And it seems to me that they have to put some of the most heartless human beings in existance in charge of these hell holes society calls shelters,where life of an animal has no value! Oh u can be sure that ALL who mistreats ANY animal that God has created will answer to him one day……COUNT ON IT!!!! America should hang its head in shame! Takes all tha freaking tax money given to these ungrateful,spoiled,entitled professional football players and funnel it into America’s hell hole shelters! SMH ONCE AGAIN A MILLION HEARTFELT THANK YOU’S TO RESCUE DOGS ROCK NYC FOR THEIR COMPASSION,KINDNESS,AND DEDICATION TO THE VOICELESS,HELPLESS,SUFFERING DOGS LANQUISHING IN AMERICA’S “SHELTERS”!!!!!❤️ GOD BLESS THEM❤️

  7. I just read the story about puppies drowning in a “shelter” in Texas and now I read this! I don’t want to hear how “little money” these places have, that is no excuse for letting puppies suffer this way! Why does it take a rescue from New York to save lives in the “great” state of Texas! I know there are good animal loving people there so why is this happening? If a shelter can’t be any more responsible than this then please take them to somewhere they will be taken care of and not just dumped to die! I live in a small rural community and somehow out shelter manages to be no kill and take care of the animals that are turned in! What is the problem in Texas?


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