Puppy tossed in dumpster with shopping cart thrown on top of her

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In a heartbreaking case of animal cruelty in Peachtree, Georgia, a puppy was left for dead in a dumpster on Sunday. Christie Salois, the companion animal manager of Petco, found the pup in the trash bin behind the store – a shopping cart intentionally tossed on top of the dog to keep her from escaping:

“…I saw her in an aisle, tears streaming down her face and anointing a brown pup she cuddled, ‘I just found her in our dumpster,'” Christie told BullyWag Inc., the rescue organization who was immediately called to help.

Christie had gone outside in the morning, and when she opened the door to the garbage receptacle saw two tiny  dark eyes looking up at her. The puppy’s left eye had a huge red wound. And immediately the woman scooped the pup up into her arms and called the Sharpsburg area rescue for help. At the time, however Steven Cartwright, a volunteer with BullyWag had been at Petco with a greyhound rescue:

“Let’s put the pup in a pen next to the greyhound group. Maybe someone will want her,” and from there the puppy had “an unceasing flow of folks playing with her, showing kindness only minutes after such evil was done to her,” the rescue group posted on their Facebook page.

BullyWag has named the adorable pooch Christy – after the person who rescued her. The pup appeared quite healthy, however her eye has a severe injury, and it is not known if she may lose that eye in the future. For now, the affectionate pup is headed to a foster home and if her health checks out, the one-year-old puppy will be available for adoption.

BullyWag, Inc. I’m sharing my post about Christy the Petco dumpster dog. Petco is a good friend of Bully Wags. And this act was vile; as an APD detective, I’ve investigated crimes done by sick minds & this particularly bothers me for a few reasons: the perp chose a pet store dumpster, but not in hopes of her being found alive because they threw a shopping cart on her, trapping & concealing her. We need to be vigilant if this SOB strikes again.”

Anyone with information about this act of animal cruelty is asked to notify authorities. To help with Christy’s eye surgery, donations can be made here. (Photos of puppy tossed in dumpster from BullyWag,Inc Facebook.)

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8 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    OH YES !!! Georgia Again!!! ONE of our SOUTHERN STATES ( WHERE ABUSE & TORTURE of our 4 legged friends RUN”S RAMPENT and IS NOT REALLY TAKEN SERIOUSLY by the JUDGES EVEN WHEN A PERP IS CAUGHT)!!!! So glad she survived!!!

  2. Kathleen Drude says:

    Thank you for saving this puppy! Your karma points have increased! The thing who did this will pay for this crime! When someone hurts something that is pure innocence like animals it comes back on them! Pay back is a bitch!

  3. tina says:

    Thank you Christie for saving this pup. Good karma does exist and the pos that dumped Christy no doubt has bad karma. I hope they have cameras showing the POS that did this.

  4. Nancy Raymond says:

    Giant THANK YOU to Christy from Petco for saving this tiny pup – I hope the maggot who did this gets a huge dose of street justice – hogtied and dumped in the nearest landfill w/the rest of the trash. This puppy deserves a safe loving home and that some kindhearted person steps up and gives her one.


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