Rescuer pens angry message to owners of young Akita dumped at shelter to die

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Just two years ago, a family purchased a beautiful Akita puppy, but apparently never made any plans for the dog’s future just in case they would not be able to care for him. On March 20, Raiden was surrendered to the Miami-Dade Animal Services – an open admittance shelter that averages taking in more than 28,000 dogs annually. 

Andrea McNee, the animal rescuer coordinator at South Florida Animal Rescue Network, a Florida non-profit serving dogs and horses in need in the South Florida area, penned a special message for Raiden’s owners after her heart broke as she watched the young dog shaking uncontrollably in his cage, knowing that he had been abandoned by the family he loved. Andrea’s heart wrenching note stated:

“To the family who dumped Raiden #A1777880 at our local KILL shelter, I hope this post reaches you. Two years ago you thought buying an Akita puppy was the coolest thing ever but didn’t plan what to do with him in the event of having to move. Now he sits there shaking like a leaf, because even though he is a good boy he knows you have left him there to die. He has not eaten or potty; he simply can’t move because he is petrified. We want to help but we may not be able to. There are alternatives to a kill shelter that you probably didn’t consider because it is easier to think that another wonderful family will adopt him. Sorry to break the news but the REAL WORLD doesn’t work that way. The commitment you made to Raiden the day you brought him home as a cute puppy has been broken; you failed him.”

Don’t buy a dog unless you can make a lifelong commitment. These sentient beings aren’t stuffed toys; they love their families. And when it’s no longer an option to keep that best friend, do some work to find him a new home where he will be safe and loved. Notify breed specific rescue organizations, call relatives and friends, ask people to share the news and locate a family who will give your dog a great home. Dropping your dog off at an open shelter is often a death sentence. Some things in this world are “just not right.”

Follow Raiden’s Facebook page on the Urgent Dogs of Miami here. When surrendered, because his family was moving, Raiden’s behavior was normal. Since then he has been reported to be fearful, and he has not been taken out of his kennel. He is no longer on the adoption floor. For interested fosters, adopters  and approved rescue organizations, make sure to reference:

(A1777880) I am a male brown Akita.

The shelter staff think I am about 2 years old.

I was turned in by my owner and I am available for adoption.

  • 3599 NW 79 Ave
  • Doral, Florida 33122
Phone (305) 884-1101

Photos courtesy of Urgent Dogs of Miami. Watch video here:

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  1. Well said…..something everyone needs to think about next time they consider adopting a dog. They depend on you for everything. It is a commitment. If you can’t keep your end of the deal please just don’t adopt. I have two adopted dogs and have passed up chances to go places and do things because my dogs are my responsibility. We are together till the end.

  2. I could NOT have said it better myself. Thank YOU for telling it as it is… A DEATH SENTENCE TOO PETS IS HIGHLY POSSIBLE… And YOU are 100% RIGHT ON… Do NOT buy a puppy and than cast that puppy aside like a stuffed animal you bought. ANIMALS HAVE FEELINGS JUST LIKE HUMANS… THEY FEEL LOVE, SORROW AND FEAR! Shame on the INHUMANE family that chose to DUMP their pet at a KILL Shelter! Other options are available and I do NOT mean KILL Shelters or CRAIGS list either.

  3. This dog is not an american dog. jindos and akitas are wired differantally. they do not trade hands well because they come from an asian culture .This dog was ment for hunting also responsible for killing the dear ,than one dog gets the hunter while the other 2- garde from scavengers.
    American dogs dont do this. Culturally dogs in asia are either:
    1- Hunter dog.g t NYC
    2-Palace garde
    3- Food
    In asia the dog – human dynamic is differant. is very differant. That dog if he dosnt choose to die will wait for the chance to get out a back door to find his original owner. Unfortanally this dog does not do well with the throw away mantallity of selfish americans. Im sure the original breeder will be appailled that he is sitting in an american kill shelter.
    This is what you do , do your police work. find the originally breeder and give him back.
    Get in touch with “breed spacific akita rescue. And i mean Rescue immediatally!
    Get this dog on a bus to NYC and present him with a big white Bow to the japanese Ambassitor. They will welcome the dileverance. they are japans national treasure. And they may be able to save him. Do not release him to the clutches of Stupid F*ckin Americans. That was your first mistake. The poor thing.

    • I’ve had Akitas for 25 years. Our first was 3 years old when we got him, he had no problem bonding to us and being a wonderful companion till he passed. Our second was 7 months old and once again had no issue bonding very strongly to us.
      Maybe you should educate yourself and quit giving Stupid F*ckin Advice! LOL

      • Educate me Akita Mom. I want to make sure i get it rite. I know i am happy your akitas were loved and comitted to from cradel to grave. You could not turn your back on a loved one. Your perticular and unique breed of asian hunt dog never had to face surrender. Yes you were the first and only master.
        I also grew up along side jindos, akitas, sharpies, from a relitive who served in south east asia. not a breeder but had one after another and 2 or 3 at the same time. Ihave partied with these dogs at BBQ and at the beach.
        There is a differance.An akitas mind set is I am here. I need to be with my master. To do my special important job only I can provide.I serve my master or die. Not alpha worship. Intense partner ship.

        Unlike an american dog mantality. To bow to alphha for pack protection, safety and food.
        This will help,
        Picture an america frounteer family 200 yrs ago.Do you see it ? there are dogs in that pic.
        Picture fudal Japan 200 yrs ago. no fenced in yard with a barking dog wont find it in art.
        not a part of the common japanese landscape. thats why the dogs are differant.They are not companion material in japan. they are strickly hunt or garde or nothing.

    • No need to call Americans stupid. Just so you know, this dog is an American akita, not an Akita Inu. The Japanese do not recognize the American akita as a true akita, and would Not be recognized as a national monument like the akita Inu. I’m not trying to be a jerk, im just saying before you call an entire nation out as being stupid, you may want to do more research first and not make ignorant comments. I love dogs regardless of breed or country of origin, i pray for this dog to get another chance with a loving family.

      • Brian,
        i wasnt calling americans stupid i called the stupid americans with the throw away mentallity stupid.
        The stupid family who adopted then surrended to a kill shelter 2- years later. for no good reason.
        Thats stupid to pull on anyone.

      • Brian,
        Your comment made me wonder
        Is a rose by any other name, Still a rose?
        Would sure smell so.

        Can you take a dog out of his country?
        Take the country out of the dog?

        Not by the images of truth seen in this picture.
        atypical behavior of refusing to eat and chooing to die or decieve (one of the pics. he is assessing the surroundings in calculation of escape. Can you pic out the pic.?
        Sure you can.
        Another pic. shows his full commitment to the “Bit”. He will not comply with his captures and will choose to die. Die and wait with side stare for the one chance to suprise and bolt full charge to his master.

        I said national treasure
        You said national monument. Your brain did a flippity to that train station with the dog statue.
        Perfact example of the long term over the top, stress of seperation anxiaty and refusal to change hands well.

        But, we dont have a statue of an american dog in a public place that drew national and world wide attention . Because They are differant.Our dogs have known the inside of a americans bed roll since before there was an america. You get it!? Our dogs sleep in our bed and always have. But not true with asian hunt dogs.Youll notice i say hunt dog not hunting dog. Big differance.

        What is not differant brian is an american akita and an akita inu is the same dog.
        Do you want to mince words, enviormental condittioning and logistics and mishandaling of species not fully understood by a frounteer decendant country of americans?
        Dont believe me a simple DNA test will make this a short conversation.

        You make a great point about not judging or speaking for a nations people. but just a reminder. foreign dipliomats come with the entire extended family. dad goes to work at the un comes home for lunch and the family shops and hangs in an enormous spread. a palace in ny as you will.
        Do you really think these people whould think “oh yea ”
        no thats not a real akita , sorry.

        No brian ,
        I think the Japanese would be stumbling down the stairs to grab that sad puppy with a eager fingers of country men stationed in another country. Far from home and things japanese.
        I bet they wouldnt even stop to ask questions. They would see akita.With out question.

        I was offered an invitation from pet rescue report To share my thoughts, views, personal applied experiances and help with ideas and solutions.
        Why are you people so harsh with me?

      • Yes, I agree you were the first and bonded master of these dogs. both while still considered puppies. what ever states the first dog was in did not result in a hard bond. you were the bonded master.its not always the first person to get his hands on the pup that sets the bond.

        perfect example:
        We all know Hachiko was bonded to the professor. But Hachiko Had other owners before the professor. His daughter and son in law were the dogs original owners. Yet no story of the dogs great portrait for everlasting love for them.
        He had even a previous owner. The breeder Hachiko came from. The breeder who never came for him when the professor died and then the wife abandond him. Because he knew it was hopeless.

    • Well sweetie I hate to tell you we have only had one issue with our Akitas. And this loving baby had to be put down because he severely bite 2 small children (he grew up with as a puppy!) these children were in NO way mean, abusing, or close to this Akita. It’s all in how you treat ANY animal!! And dumping this baby at a shelter is not right!!
      I ask why have you NOT gotten ahold of the Japanese ambassadors to rescue this baby? Since you seem to be so much more knowledgeable than the rest of us!! If your willing to trash the rest of us for not knowing the breed then YOU had better STEP UP and save this beautiful baby!!
      So if your not part of the solution or cannot be a nice person to others then do not say anything about something you cannot back up!!

      • Earth to rebecca!!
        The dog has been rescued days ago.

        But dont worry its not your most colossal boner to date. That one would be the colossal fail to your unhappy akita who was inhumainly executed with out trial or advocate. Because you had to have an AKITA as a house pet.
        That was your mistake. your a hatable person by nature. and your dog hated you . you were never its master. Thank you for proving my point about how akitas should have been your last pic.for an american family.
        You should have went for the retreaver like you were told to.

        You let your children down also. You are the reason your children are mentally and physical scarred children. Maybe Rebecca you should be wondering how you can make things better on your own home front instead of picking on a stranger with Good intentions.
        As apposed to wasting your time and breath on things Not Broken.

      • Rebecca,
        I have to say if you raised a pup to adult hood and it still managed to maul your children.Are you saying you did not see the warnings? your saying you could not see the agression for years coming ?? and you still allowed this out come?
        And you brag about it here on pet rescue? I would clearly say you are the problen.
        In the mean time watch and learn, Baby.
        And please……
        Dont buy or adopt.I dont want to read about another one of your epic fails to an innocent animal .
        Youve reached your Family pet Euthanasia Quota for life.

      • HEY EVERY BODY LOOK!!!!!!!


        Just so pathetically stupid.

        Is rebecca the name of your love doll?
        or your immiginary friend?

    • You are wrong, we just adopted a Japanese Akita Inu, that came from Canada and only understood commands in French. He was just under 5 years old when he was dumped at a municipal shelter in Canada. Big East Akita Rescue in New Jersey rescued him and brought him into the U.S. . We adopted him from there. He is stuck to us like glue and couldn’t be a better more loving dog and he really seems to appreciate his new life with us We still use French commands but we are teaching him English as well. By the way, the Akita in this post is an American Akita, not a Japanese one. Most of the world now recognizes that the 2 types are now 2 separate breeds. Only exception is U.S. and Canada.

  4. I Rather Doubt The POS Family that JUST DUMPED this lovely little Man Dog at one of the Worst Shelters in Florida for the IMMEDIATE Euthanasia of owner relinquished ANIMAL’s and very poor care of those remaining looking for a home. COULD GIVE a “RAT”S ASS ” about being admonished for THIS HORRIFIC DEED as they WERE NEVER VESTED!!! So SAD for Raiden and because he is so frightened this makes it even worse for him! I sure HOPE BEYOND HOPE that a RESCUE will save HIM !!1

    • You are so right, if they cared what people thought they wouldn’t have left this beautiful dog in the first place. Susan Brummett down below says there are people interested in him and if they don’t come through there is a rescue waiting to take him. Let’s hope it all works out.

  5. Raiden deserved MUCH better than to EVER be with a so called ‘family’ who moved and did not opt to make sure he was with them at that time – NO way would ANY loving family move and dump their pet who is SUPPOSED to be a family member. If where you move to does not accept pets, you don’t go there. I truly hope Raiden gets the family who will keep him forever – he deserves a safe loving home.

  6. The idea of getting any animal is that you are making a commitment for the life of that animal! You are the caregiver! You feed take care of and love that animal! If you can’t make that kind of commitment then don’t get a pet of any kind! To dump a pet and just leave them is disgusting! Think before you get any animal!

  7. He’s no longer the adoption floor….WTH?? How do you expect a dog to get adopted if he’s not visible to the public?

  8. Stuff like this just makes me crazy mad. I’m sorry Raiden that your family failed you. I agree that the owner should have either re-home Raiden to someone who will give him a good home or surrender him to a reputable rescue organization. To dump him in a kill shelter is unforgivable and this person should never be allowed to have another pet. If I didn’t already have 2 big dogs, I would take Raiden home without hesitation. Unfortunately, my condo complex would not approve me having a third dog. I’ve tried when I wanted to adopt a rescued dog in NC.
    To all rescue orgs., please don’t let this dog die.

  9. Nothing irritates me more than the excuses these POS owners give to dump their dogs in a “kill” shelter. I have had dogs and had to move, I’ve had children when I had dogs, My daughter was allergic and somehow she survived the dogs, I have suffered financial hardship and yet I STILL have my dogs. MOVING is NOT an excuse. You find a place that your dog can move with you! I hope and pray this beautiful boy finds a new home or at least a rescue, he doesn’t deserve this!

  10. POS owners! Frightened thought that Raiden is out of the adoption floor. I hope for Raiden to find a loving home. SHARED.

  11. This pisses me off beyond belief!! The “moving” excuse is a common one,if I move my pets move with me! Just another example of asshole humans that consider dogs DISPOSABLE AND REPLACEABLE!!! I hope the jerks that did this do not obtain another dog or cat,they mean absolutely nothing to them in the end! ASSHOLES!!!

  12. As much as this asian hunt dog chooses to die in your shackles. He lives for a chance to bolt out the back door for his first and ony master The throw away mantality american family. Hes sly , you wont see it coming. American dogs are resiliant but not akitas and jingos.So you have 24hrs before permanant damage..

    Take the dog with a big red bow (Happiness, prosperity) And take him to the
    The General Consulate of Japan, NYC
    18th Floor,
    299 Park Ave. NY 10170
    Dont hand him to a breed spacific american animal rescue.
    Akitas are Japans National Treasure. They are protected like crazy.
    Bring a cake. (thats an American tradition)
    If you really want to make them cry.
    Pick a big person to cary him to the Japanese in his arms in a giant white Bow.
    It will bring them to tears

    • There you go again………………………………………… Why mouth off about a subject you know nothing about?

      • How much do I need to know? To want to help a family pet recentally handed over to a high kill shelter and on hunger strike in protest? I offered a solution I shared an idea and offered to help.
        save a dog.

        Just so i understand Officer Maxiemom,
        What are the charges? What was my crime?

  13. So Sad. I hope you can find a loving family for him. He deserves to be loved and not abandoned. PLEASE HELP!!!!

  14. This hurts my heart as my Raiden is needing a ccf surgery I am fund raising and selling anything of value, how can anyone just throw their pups away like that?

  15. Il serait juste que chaques personnes qui abandonnent leurs animaux devraient être interdit à vie de ne plus jamais posseder d’animaux.

  16. has this baby been adopted yet..??? I would have to drive down from Kentucky.. would there be anyway someone could meet me in northern Florida.. I could leave tomite and meet tomorrow if need be. Would love to give him a forever home.

  17. Pets are FAMILY….. Don’t get one if you don’t plan on keeping it until death do you part! If you plan on making one live outside…. DON’T get one. If you plan on leaving it chained….. DON’T get one. If you do not plan on ever taking it on outings…..DON’T get one. If you plan on leaving it kenneled….. DON’T get one.

    • Raiden has been rescued. Btw they don’t contact you. You have to notify them if ever your’re interested in fostering or adopting.

  18. Thanks for publishing this great post. I’ve been reading for a while but I’ve never left a comment.
    I’ve bookmarked your blog and shared this on my Twitter.
    Many thanks again for a great post!


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