Poodle who endured endless suffering dumped at Texas shelter

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Hibiscus is barely six-years-old, but the miniature poodle who can fit so comfortably in someone’s arms has only known a lifetime of endless suffering and neglect. What veterinarians believe may have been months of agonizing pain, the ten-pound dog silently endured the misery of her severely infected jaw which had never been treated. And then came an even worse nightmare for the sweet little dog, who despite her pain, still longed to be cuddled and loved, had been abandoned in a high-kill San Antonio shelter. There her days were numbered. Too expensive for a county facility to treat her injuries, the shelter’s simple solution was to humanely euthanize her.

When Rescue Dogs Rock NYC were called, co-founder Stacey Silverstein immediately responded and agreed to help Hibiscus. How could she refuse?

“She was writhing in pain for days if not months alone and abandoned,” Stacey posted on the organization’s Facebook page as the dog was being prepared to be transferred to their partner emergency veterinarian. “Honestly we just looked into her eyes and cried, knowing how she has suffered. We of course saw her and immediately agreed to help her.”

Hibiscus is now at the veterinary hospital and can barely open her mouth more than an inch. She is slowly being fed wet food, and is being administered high doses of antibiotics and pain medication. You can only imagine what kind of pain this dog has endured after viewing the short video below. This little, defenseless pup will need an MRI to determine the damage in her mouth and how to properly treat the infection and her lack of oral mobility.

An MRI is estimated to cost $2,000 in addition to the emergency care she is now receiving. To donate towards the care of Hibiscus, please click here, or PayPal: [email protected].

Photo and video courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.





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  1. Pauvre bébé, j’espère que les aides seront suffisantes pour ce loulou, que sa souffrance ne devienne qu’un souvenir. Je ne peux pas aider financièrement, j’en suis désolée, alors, merci pour ceux qui le feront.

  2. Sure wish her low life owners could be found and punished. I have had poodles…. they are so loving, sweet and fantastic babies. Bless this sweet soul that she will find some comfort and love in a new home.

  3. We have all experienced tooth aches. I cannot imagine the severe pain this poor baby is going through. Thankful she is receiving help.


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