Senior dog dumped for being 'too old'

Betrayed – family left 17-year-old dog at shelter because she’s ‘too old’

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Update 2/10/17: Adopted!

An elderly dog, said to be 17 years of age, has been betrayed by her family, who allegedly claimed that she was now “too old” for them to keep. The 17-year-old dog, named “Maddison,” was left at the Los Angeles County Animal Services facility in Lancaster on February 7 and today, she is just one of dozens of homeless dogs who are locked away at the facility.

According to an advocate for Maddison, the following information was provided by the senior dog’s former owners:

My former family who owned me for “more than 5 years” (could be her entire life) gave me up because they “thought I had gotten too old”. They said that I spend most of my time indoors. I do not show interest in small children. I have begun housetraining, but I still need some work. I am good on a leash. I am just learning obedience skills (FYI ALL: this is a formatted pet profile they use). I seem to get along well with dogs and cats.

Few dogs make it to 17 years of age – those who do should be spoiled by their owners, not dumped at a busy, loud and frightening animal control agency. Please help Maddison find a family who will love and cherish her for the remainder of her life.

  • Petharbor link here
  • Los Angeles County Animal Control – Lancaster at (661) 940-4191
    Ask for information about animal ID number A5031407
  • Facebook thread here
119 replies
  1. Darla says:

    I would have given anything to have my dog live to be 17 (he was either 15 or 16 when he died). I currently have a 13 or 14 year old Yellow Lab who is showing signs of dementia – again, I would love for her to live to be 17 (or older!) but it’s very doubtful. What a POS family. I hope your kids are watching what you’re doing and they dump YOU when you’re too old to care for.

      • Monae says:

        I dont think it was wrong if it was for the safety of the kids if i had a dog that i knew was old an would attack one of my smaller kids for accidently bumping into her or to close to her ud have to put the kids safety first which them taking her to a shelter was better option

      • Eluzabeth says:

        Shame on you Monae. That is poor excuse for giving up an older dog. Teach your kids how to respect the dog when he is not feeling well. You don’t give up on them because they are old. With that attitude maybe someone should give up on you when you get too old.

      • SC says:

        Money – you should NEVER own an animal! You are one of the problems!!! Animals do as you train, teach, and show them.
        Nothing about harming anyone in the profile. Says no interest in small children. Do you know why? Because they did not try. They just expected the dog to suddenly play or looked at her size and didn’t try. Excuses are just that, excuses!!!
        All dogs have hearts of gold. People are the ones that train or don’t train them.

        Actually, I hope you don’t have children either. Sounds like you would teach them wr I ng and they would be undesirable members of society!

      • SC says:

        Unfortunately I did not check my autocorrect and it would not let me ‘edit’ my post – so I redid the same with corrections.

        You should NEVER own an animal! You are one of the problems!!! Animals do as you train, teach, and show them.
        Nothing about harming anyone in the profile. Says no interest in small children. Do you know why? Because they did not try. They just expected the dog to suddenly play or looked at her size and didn’t try. Excuses are just that, EXCUSES!!!
        All dogs have hearts of gold. People are the ones that train or don’t train them.

        Actually, I hope you don’t have children either. Sounds like you would teach them wrong and they would be undesirable members of society!

    • Pam Tillman says:

      Same here. My boy made it to 11, and I would have been thrilled to have him longer…. and CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction) is heartbreaking to deal with… my boy had it the last few months. 🙁

      • Doris says:

        These people are rotten hope when they get old they are put in a home and people do not want them. Please adopt this baby rush, rush zi still had my baby he died at 13 and still miss him. love your dog to the end, there life is short also they love you unconditionally.

      • Emma says:

        Yes they do. They start doing odd things and look totally confused by things they had no problem with before. My sis’s dog acted like she completely forgot who I was. Backed away, and flinched if I tried to pet her. Good thing is that while not the level we were before, we are making progress.

    • Lisa Gierszewski says:

      I would have given anything to have my puppy here with me 17 years. I had him 11 years to the day, adopted 1/12/2003 past away 1/12/2014. It was on my son’s 9th birthday. I always told him when it’s your time I will be there with you, holding you. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ????. He past away at our vets following surgery. I cried this morning because I miss him so much.

      • Maria Zincio says:

        I lost my collie of 11 1/2 yrs old last week and I am heart broken. I would love to have him for 17 years and dogs who are with their families should never be treated like trash. I pampered my boy in his golden years..and that is what they deserve. The family should be ashamed of themselves.

    • rachel4804 says:

      I miss my chow/Shepard mix so much I can’t think about her. She is still the love of my life and it will soon be three years since she passed. Abby was just 12 years old and I do not know why she was taken from me except that she was old. Twelve does not seem old to me but I am not a dog, obviously.

    • Pamela D'Angio says:

      Darla great statements. Sick SOB owners. This is an example of humans I hate and want to get my hands on them.

  2. Francene Kilichowski says:

    These people belong in a database along with animal abusers.
    And stipulate that they may not own a dog or cat for at least 10 years if ever.

  3. LESLIE says:

    I would give up everything to have 17 years with my dogs. What’s wrong with people? Maybe it’s just me , if so I’m good with it. Send that baby my way…there’s nothing like adopting a senior…someone take a chance on her…always remember our birth certificate doesn’t have an expiration date…

  4. mike says:

    Poor Maddison. So sorry your owners dumped you. Some are selfish not to see their loving pets to the end. Hoping you’ll find a loving home.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    If your dog lives to be 17 you should be rejoicing, not taking her to a shelter and dumping them because they are too old. I hope Madison finds a loving home to spend her remaining days. She deserves to be loved and pampered!

  6. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère qu’on vous laissera creuver dans un hospice , seul dans un endroit sombre et froid et vous vous rappelerez se que vous avez fait subir à votre chien quand vous l’avez trahisur. Que la souffrance se pose sur votre vie misérable.

  7. Amanda says:

    My beloved Jack Russell got cancer and died before her 13th birthday ???? I would give anything to have her here for 17 years I also have a chi and he’s 10 and I look forward to him being around for a long time!????❤️️ POS family doesn’t deserve a pet ????

  8. Linda Patton says:

    And I’m asked why I hate humans, why I prefer animals… humans are Devils who walk this earth in satans name. They have no respect, no compassion, no love. They live life with their hands stretched out looking for what they can get, taking from those in need, thinking only if themselfs. I’d give up everything I own to ensure my animals have what they need, I’d give them my food, bed, blankets, health. They deserve it, they depend on me for safety, for love, for life. People who do acts like this have burnt blackened hearts, that no longer beat for the good. In my opinion they take space away from those who do good on earth, those who deserve recognition, those who are needed. These people don’t even deserve a nursing home, they don’t deserve to feel safety, care, help. This innocent puppy devoted her life to them, would have died for them, given up her comforts for them. Rather then appreciation for her devotion she was given abondenment, fear, confusion, loneliness, and a death sentence. I’m sharing with rescues I work with, the public, friends, media for her to find a loving home so she may live out her life with happiness and love. I’m praying she finds her humans quickly. I sincerely hope the vile people who dumped her to die can be charged with some type of crime and be sent to prison for years. God help their children if they have any…

  9. Beth (SunWolf) C. says:

    They will or already have another younger pup guarantee it. Cuz they want a younger one to play with the kids so then when that one gets to old same thing it’s a recycling door, for human satisfaction of selfishness…
    Most older canines at that age and like some of us slow down, kids hec i myself would rather not have them around at that age.. a good owner would know this

  10. Nancy Morton says:

    While it is all well and good to wish karma on the people that dumped Madison. And also great to send her wishes for another family, sooner rather than later. What this dog needs is a NEW LOVING HOME! I live in Virginia, but if I could I would take her in a heartbeat. The dog that my kids brought home and grew up with was 14 yrs old when she passed at home with me there by her side. In the middle of her life I had to move and change jobs. The new job was in another state and as I accepted the job I did so with the condition that I could find a place to live that accepted my dog and two cats. THAT IS HOW YOU TREAT FAMILY AND THAT IS WHAT MY PETS ARE TO ME.

    • Leah-Paule Heydey says:

      Thank you for your story, Nancy. My sweet Daisy was demented and disoriented at age 25 magnificent years, during which she lived life to the fullest. At the very end, Daisy draped herself around the toilet bowl, to try and cool her aching body. She was humanely euthanized, and I am humbled to have been Daisy’s closest friend for 25 beautiful years. Then, one night, Daisy appeared to me, to say one least sweet farewell. R.I.P., Daisy, and I love you too.

  11. Belinda Williams says:

    Having my giant breed dog live to 18 was a gift I never expected- the equivalent of 135 years for a dog his size. How can these horrible people just abandon this blessed soul?

  12. Star Shelley says:

    LINDA WELL SAID. Prayers for this adorable little girl to find a good loving home for what ever time she has left in her life on this earth.

  13. Sandy says:

    Last year i said good bye to my little Chrissy at the age of 17. She had no interest in going for walks just sleeping. It took me a week to finally decide that i needed to let her. She had a pack of pups waiting for her. I adopted both Chrissy and her bonded sister Charley from the Calgary Humane Society at the age of 10.5 years. Charley still has spunk and will be turning 18 this year. My heart breaks with the news of people casually getting rid of pets that may still have years to go.

  14. Mary Devonshire says:

    My dog is 13 1/2…I am grateful for every day that I have with. He has arthritis and is showing signs of dementia. There have been times that I have gotten up in the morning, or have come home from work and find him lying very still…that terrible feeling up dread fills me until I see him lift his head and look at me. And I know that I I at least have a little more time with him

  15. Lin says:

    I guess your gonna do the same thing to your parents, the good news is your kids will hopefully abandon you when your “too old”

  16. Carl Fischer says:

    What a sad excuse for parents. My little girl Daisy left me right before Christmas due to lung cancer. At least she is with her mother “Sarah” now. I still have her sister Mia and all threes ashes will be buried with me.

  17. tracey ordiway says:

    when the hell are those stupid owners? how dare they do that to someone who’s been so loyal to them all these years? that is so very wrong in my book if they don’t want her and the shelter is going to kill her than why not donate her to the princess foundation? we’ll take very good care of her and let her live out her life with us,we are no kill shelter we are trying to get our safe haven up ,so don’t kill her donate her/him to us thank you

  18. Kimberly Washburn says:

    How can people put an animal in the shelter when it may only have a couple yrs left to live. People like this make me so mad. I sure hope someone adopts her and gives her the love she needs and deserves.Not left to live alone in a shelter cage. I wish I could adopt every senior out there.

  19. Karen Rivelli says:

    Let’s stop talking how mean they are and let’s get him adopted please share this with everyone of your friends and let’s try our hardest to let him or her live out the rest of its life through love. Please share this and make a comment so that your readers read it like code red. Please this is extremely sad.

  20. shauna henderson says:

    I am all the way in Ohio baby Madison or I would come get you…you do not look even close to 17 in your picture…. So you must be young at heart or younger than they claim probably both..i send you my love lovely girl…as for them they never need another furry family member

  21. Charlene says:

    Forever would not be long enough with these wonderful creatures who love us unconditionally and witness our lives with us! They matter! What a fine thanks you whether they had this baby 5 years or its entire life…I hope that this dog finds a loving home to rest it’s heart and dissappointed soul at. You get what you give people. If this is what you’d want to get in your old age, abandoned to possibly die? Shame on you. Too old….hmmmmph!!!!

  22. Mag says:

    These selfish POS will have their retribution. When they are old they will be dump like trash..always remember what goes around comes around. You will deserve all you will get or more.

  23. Linda says:

    There’s a special place in hell for ppl like that! I have a 15 yr old westie with sight problems and I thank God for all the time he allows me with him. My husb thinks he should be put down but I saw he’s happy.Husb: how do you know? Me: he wags his tail! Duh! ???? I’m so not traipsing in some kill shelter to dump him off without looking back, and if something “happens” to him, well, I don’t think they’d dare.

  24. Charlotte says:

    Those people are assholes. If he was here I would take him in a min . Can’t wait for your kids to say “too old to take care of , go to a home or whatever” PR’s all of them

  25. Lois Fay says:

    I wish so bad that my Rascal could of loved until he was 17 years old!!! He passed away at 11 years old & 1 month! Broke my Heart,????????????????????

  26. Nora Young says:

    What a POS family after 17 years of loyalty to be dropped at a shelter to be killed because they have no interest hoping somebody will adopt this little guy and putting in a place we can rest his head throughout his senior year’s

  27. Gratia says:

    Dear Los Angeles County Animal Control – Lancaster
    RE animal ID number A5031407–
    There is a Best Friends Society in CA. PLEASE send her there if no one comes to adopt her.
    I would take her in a heartbeat if she could somehow get to PA. I have 2 8-yr old dogs, but they love other dogs
    so I do not see a problem. If that is at all possible, please contact me by email.

  28. Jacqueline says:

    Mine lived to be 10. What I wouldn’t do for him to be 17 cause he would still be here. I miss my little man everyday. I hope when you get some one dumps you at a funeral home.

  29. Nancy Hernandez says:

    That is so heartbreaking…My baby boy is 9 yrs old, i sit and watch him play with tears in my eyes cause i know one day he will cross Rainbow bridge…i would give my life for him if i had to…then there goes those POS and with no regards on how hurt and confuse that baby must feel…ppl animals have stronger feelings then us…their love goes way beyond words….i hope Karma is waiting for u around the corner…

  30. Kristy says:

    She has been rescued, is out of the pound and is with a caring foster family right now with a waiting list of people to adopt her. 🙂

    • tania says:

      So happy that kind people are looking after her now.
      How could her former family be so cruel & heartless? Hopefully karma will get them!

    • Deborah Rice says:

      Thank you Kristy for letting us know. I pray she gets a wonderful home. There was a family here that adopted a rescue posing to be “good people” and the dog was found tortured…they moved away pretty quickly….there are some Sickos out there! I am praying for this precious dog….I have 2 elderly dogs and this story broke my heart.

  31. Ursula Voth says:

    My beautiful black lab/Sheppard cross lived to be only 9! The day she crossed our world fell apart! I would have given anything to have her to 17! How could they do this??!!! OMG that poor baby!

  32. Deborah Rice says:

    I have a 17 year old sheltie that I adopted when she was 3 and a 20 year old westie that I adopted when he was 16. They are both doing well but as expected they are slowing down. When I read this post about this sweet dog I was sad and mad at the same time. How evil and cruel to turn your back on your beloved pet when this is the time they need you the most. Their bodies are aging and when I saw that hard floor that poor dog would now have to lay on it broke my heart. These people and those like them should never be allowed to have an animal again. I have 6 rescue dogs and I agree with an earlier comment. I am blessed with my dogs “can” get older and that I am able to share their lives with them. Humans can be the nicest and yet some can be the meanest creatures on the planet. Prayers that this dog gets a wonderful, safe and loving home this weekend!

  33. Susan in Oregon says:

    My sweet little Chi, afford a year ago from California was abandoned because she had a malignant tumor in her mouth. She’s dying now. We’re keeping her comfortable until it’s tinge to let her rest. It’ll be soon. She just today stopped eating. She’s safe, warm, and loved so much. I’ll hold her close when it’s time. I just hope beer last year with us has erased all the bad memories from before. Sweet baby. People can be so cruel, but most of us are kind and loving. I have to believe that.

  34. Lindy says:

    Maybe the dog is lucky to be away from their bratty kids and into a new home that will be nice to her! There really should be a register in this state and in every state recording the names of people who dump dogs at shelters! Please start a Petition to suggest a registry be started and present it to the Mayor and Governor and if you’re in another state, please start one there! Just got a post in warning people to not give away their dog in N. Carolina. These creeps are posting an upcoming dogfight and getting their good looking wives and girlfriends to collect dogs for bait dogs!

  35. Maggietish says:

    God bless her I hope she finds her forever home soon. I don’t want to understand the mind of these heartless disgusting people who dumped/threw away this poor dog. When you add a dog, cat or whatever animal you choose to your family they become a family member. Just like you don’t dump a child somewhere you certainly should not do it to a dog. This poor dog has no clue why they were just literally thrown away and it’s a total disgrace that anyone would be that despicable and cold to do that. What do with the elderly members of their family throw them away too?

  36. Saundra Fleming says:

    I’m in the Sacramento area and can’t come to L.A. but I will foster…And perhaps even keep her if she has not been rehomed yet?

  37. Joyce Dutrisac says:

    Yet another victim of a throw-a-way society
    Shame to this family for doing such a thing; disgusting
    What a beautiful angelic face I only hope she gets someone who will spoil her and love her

  38. Kim Wooding says:

    I could never do this… my dogs are very much a part of my family. If as one said in a post on here. That was untrust worthy around children, then just keep the two separate . My dogs are not use to my grandkids, so they are always supervised and never left together alone. It’s easy enough to teach both young children and older dogs respect for each other. If you can’t teach either then don’t bring them together…simples…. it’s not hard.. dumping a dog this age is callous and cruel…

  39. Rach says:

    My gorgeous boy, a collie cross, is 17 and after injury himself last week my hubby and I are cooking him the very best meals and taking shifts in sleeping downstairs as he can no longer go upstairs to our bed…. These people don’t deserve the love and dedication of a beautiful pet… Shocking x

  40. Rosalinda says:

    He should be at home being pampered. So many years of loyalty to the family and he is dumped. If the pooch is wanting private moments because of its age he is entitled. I would keep him separate from children and give him lots of love but u would not turn him in to a shelter. He deserves so much more.

  41. Melisa Bale says:

    Thank you, to her new family. I’ve just been sick over her being dumped at kill shelter, you are wonderful people thank you again

  42. Angela Kosco says:

    inexcusable! I would NEVER do that to my cats. They are part of my family…I love them no matter what. They are my furry “kids.” I kept them all until eventually one by one, they crossed over the rainbow bridge. Then a week after the last one passed, I went to the shelter to rescue another one. To lose them is so very painful, but my life wouldnt be the same without having a cat around. I made a commitment and I stick with it to the end. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. These people are heartless and I do hope when they get “too old” that their kids abandon them the same way. Karma has a way of making you pay restitution for the bad things that you do in life.

  43. word9436 says:

    What a horrible family to abandoned their poor unfortunate animal, how on earth could somebody just throw their pet away, these people are heartless, and have no compassion.I had tears in my eyes to think how this poor soul must feel, completely lost.,not understanding why did his family left him …….I hate humans who have total disregard towards these poor lost souls……..

  44. Paige says:

    I would give my life for my dogs…they are my world.. if any thing ever happened to them.. I duno what I would do.. it pains me to see the cruelty people have in side them..these animals are defenseless.. and to ensure hurt and punched and cut and left for dead make me so sick… I want to write more.. but I’m just so sick and horrified seeing those photos and what people think is the right way to treat animals.. fuck this..I hope one day that karma kicks you all in the ass.. you fucking morons!! eat shit!

  45. Barbara says:

    These owners are nothing but scum bags. How could you dump this sweet thing at this age. I had wished my male dog had lived to see 17 yrs, no he dies when he was only 6 yrs. old. It broke my heart and I still have tears in my eyes every time I think of him. Would give an arm or leg to have him here now. He was the best dog ever and I am sure this precious baby is as well.

    I wish I lived closer, I take her I a heart beat. I would just love to get my hands on that owner. This is why we need a national registry to identify animal abuse and those who just dump their animals like this. Neither should ever be allowed to own a pet ever a gain, never, never again.

    I just hope they are able to fine this baby a new home real soon. The shelter is no place for a dog of her age, as a matter of fact no animals should have to endure this. Lets share this posting with hopes a new home is found soon.

    • Pamela D'Angio says:

      Barbara you sound like me. These scum bags POS don’t deserve another animal. I wonder how they treated her while they had her. I would love to kick the shit out of them. Useless unhumans.

  46. Pamela D'Angio says:

    I hope one thing when these POS owners get too old I hope their children or family dump the in a field so they can rot and die because they are too old. That is so damn sick. Like some of you wonderful animal lovers on this blog I feel the same I wish all my dogs would have lived that long. At least she has a better family who will love her more.


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