Critically injured dog hides in fear under vehicle that stopped to let her pass

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A young, critically injured dog had been abandoned in the well-known dumping ground in Dallas, Texas. The heartlessness of the animal cruelty is beyond comprehension, according to the rescuers who stepped up on Monday afternoon to help a stray dog in desperate need.

On the lonely dirt covered Dowdy Ferry Road, a motorist had stopped as a dog appeared out in front of him slowly crossing the road. Instead of padding over to the other side, the emaciated pooch was in too much pain to even walk. She sought refuge under the car that had momentarily stopped to let her pass. It appeared she had a severe rectal prolapse – her intestines seemed to have been falling out.

It took hours to finally coax the frightened female dog the rescuers dubbed Edie, out from underneath the car. Animal advocates Carrie Moody and Leslie Ysuhuaylas were shocked and in tears as Edie painfully stood up showing the full extent of her injuries.

“She stayed there as it was too painful to move,” stated Leslie.  “Her colon is falling out of her! She is unable to move without diarrhea and blood literally exploding out of her. She is completely emaciated. She is currently being rushed to the vet,” thanks to the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and the organization’s co-founder Stacey Silverstein who immediately reached out to help a dog whose life threatening condition could have been caused by unspeakable animal cruelty.

To help Edie, please donate here, or PayPal at [email protected].

Photos and video of Edie, the critically injured dog, courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.

Please donate Edie is a developing story. She is currently at the organization’s partner veterinary hospital receiving life saving care. Her prognosis is unknown. A short video of Edie on her way to the hospital:



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  1. OMG. I’ve seen canine rape victims who display the same sort of injuries. Good outcomes in those situations are very rare. What demonic persons are running around. Watch your dogs and your daughters, this is a very dangerous situation. I am shaking and fighting off tears of anger and sadness. Poor precious, innocent pup.

  2. I IMAGINE this poor female dog has been repeatedly molested, RAPED! RAPED! and RAPED AGAIN BY SOME PERVERT That NEEDS TO HVE HIS MANHOOD REMOVED AND PLACED where HE has been putting his!!! this pervert needs to be eliminated from this EARTH!!!!

    • Agree. Only the lowest hood rat form of disgusting bottom feeding trash would do this. Ignorant, no morals or conscience! Without feeling. Demon!!!! He needs justice. Just exactly what he did to this precious dog. Look for probably by a meth head. They would rape anything from birth to 90. They are brain dead, gone!

  3. R u Fucking kidding me the shape this dog is in is beyond words:)))) it’s obvious what happened and I wish I had 2 mins and a shovel with the filthy Fucken loser who did this and I guarantee he would never walk again. Mark my words!!!

  4. I cannot imagine what has happened to this animal if this was deliberately inflicted upon her, please someone step up to help her and give her the home she deserves and the chance to know love. I wish I cld I would. Prayers for u baby! Please give an update! She looks like she has some greyhound in her a very loving dog.

  5. It breaks my heart to see this beautiful furbaby this way.I pray he can be helped and make a full recovery.please keep us updated on this baby thank you and thank you for saving him.

  6. It is entirely possible that this baby’s injuries are the result of vile human abuse; however, I want you to know it is also very likely she has been suffering from parasites, starvation, and neglect. Either way, this little pup has been suffering terribly. Prayers that the surgeon will be able to fix her up and that she’ll live a normal, healthy, and loving life from now on.


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