‘He knew’: Dog clinging to his owner at shelter when surrendered

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At the Stanislaus Animal Services Agency in Modesto, California, volunteer and animal advocate Nancy Klein had been leaving the shelter Saturday evening at closing time when she saw a dog clinging to his owner as the devoted pup was being surrendered.Moses the Modesto

“It’s like he ‘knew’ the way he clung to his owner,” stated Nancy. “I had to catch my breath. As I asked why he (the owner) said they had to move and he wasn’t allowed. I took out my phone and well …you can see for yourself.”

Meet Moses; who happens to be one of the sweetest dogs Nancy says she has ever met. Within seconds, the friendly boy had crawled into her lap as if begging to be taken home.

“My heart literally sank,” Nancy continued. “He wanted to meet everyone there, including the boy and his mom who were in the lobby. It took everything in me not to just take him home.”Moses the Modesto dog cover

Moses had been adopted from the shelter one year ago. He has lived with children, dogs and cats. He is gentle, and anyone having the privilege to adopt this boy could have a best friend forever. A Facebook page for this boy can be followed here. You can also follow Moses here. Please share this dog’s plight with friends, family and social media contacts. His adoption information is as follows:

“My name is Moses, and I am a neutered male, white and brown pit bull terrier. The shelter staff think I am about 4 years-old. I have been at the shelter since Jan 21, 2017. I am available for adoption or rescue on Jan 21, 2017.” For more information about this dog, call the Stanislaus Animal Shelter Agency at 209.558.7387. Ask for information about animal ID#A436891.

So far, this beautiful dog’s plight has been shared more than 4,100 times. Be the voice for those who cannot speak. Adopt a shelter dog and save a life one dog at a time. Sharing saves lives. (Photos and video of dog clinging to his owner courtesy of Nancy Klein via Facebook)

Video available here:

Posted by Nancy Klein on Sunday, January 22, 2017


104 replies
    • Catherine Staffy says:

      I agree. Of course we could not see his shit face on the video but I hope when this man grows old he will be dumped by his kids and family to a care home where he will live the rest of his life sad and lonely.

      • Ryan Becker says:

        Catherine Staffy – Instead of cursing the man out, try educating yourself first. So you would selfishly force this dog to move to Hawaii even though pit bull terriers don’t do well in very hot or very cold environments? So your need for companionship overrides the dog’s well being? You’re willing to have him suffer daily in the unnatural heat just so that you can have him? THINK about it before judging others.

  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I’m sorry, you have to move, find a place where your dog can go too. I know it’s hard sometimes but it can be done!

    • Sherry says:

      Sadly, Dogs are not a priority to a lot of people or they never think of them as being an actual part of the family. Guess what, if a place won’t take my dog, them I’m going to find another place. Come on people, don’t get dogs if they are just a possession that you can turn around and throw away. It breaks their hearts. They have tremendous feelings! And if I hear someone say ” it’s just a dog” one more time, someone is getting kicked in the face. lol.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I’ve “had to move” a couple of times myself and somehow have been able to avoid having to give up my pets. Some people aren’t fit to be pet owners, I’m with you, I hate hearing :it’s just a dog” too!

      • Lloyd George says:

        Sherry, I Agree and Salute You
        with tears of Patriotism~!!!!!
        Well Done~!!!!! Exactly~!!!!!!!
        Kicked punched you name it, lol~!!!

    • Ryan Becker says:

      Barkley’s Mom – I wish people would inform themselves before judging others. The family was moving to Hawaii and pit bull terriers don’t do well in very hot or very cold weather. So would you rather have the dog suffer daily in unnaturally hot weather or do the unselfish thing and give him up?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        You are a little late to the party aren’t you? And you KNOW they were moving to Hawaii how? I don’t care where they are moving, if they can’t keep their dog then find a rescue or another loving home. Dumping pets at a shelter (especially Pitt Bulls) is often a death sentence. I’m sure they had plenty of warning they were moving and should have made other arrangements! Also Average high temperatures in Hawaii are in the 80’s while lows in the 70’s I can’t imagine this being much of a hardship for ANY dog!

      • Mark says:

        Ryan Becker perhaps you should try educating yourself. High temps in Hawaii are usually in the mid 80’s. High temps in Modesto, Ca are up the high 90’s. Your point being? May I suggest you do your research?

      • Candy Morgan says:

        Ryan Becker, the temperatures in Hawaii are cooler than California summers. It rarely gets over 85 there. Educate yourself. Pets are for keeps, and if a person has no choice for some drastic reason, they REHOME the pet like a responsible, caring person rather than doing the fast easy but usually fatal (especially for pits) surrender to a shelter.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Your words are crazy.
        You say…….
        Do the unselfish thing and give him up.
        To a kill shelter.!?
        So he would not have to suffer unnaturally!.
        But you left him in a ungodly unnatural kill shelter.
        That is the worst confession I have ever Herd in my life.
        Get your ass to church and confession and undo some of your recent stupid.
        Especially that that has to do with abandoning a devoted helpless , voiceless creature.
        Do it.
        Like your life depends on it

      • Bonita Davis says:

        I’ve been to Hawaii and it’s no hotter there than anywhere in the states. Arizona had temps at a 115 this summer. That’s what they make ad for.

      • Mongoose Jones says:

        Ryan Becker: I live in Florida and guess what??? Pitbulls do very well here, no issues at all….I bet they adapt to the cold too….in fact I know someone in Canada with 3 happy, spoiled pitties….c’mon, you’re saying things that have no validity in science or anywhere else.

      • gillian says:

        ryan……you are such a dumbass!!!
        firstly the place they live in at present has higher temps than Hawaii!!
        secondly….you think its a good thing that family have done to dump their
        clearly devoted,loving dog at a high kill animal centre……
        FFS….what feckn planet are you on you total asshole??!!
        lets hope you NEVER OWN AN ANIMAL…….your`re not fit to be in charge of a life!!

    • Sherry says:

      Yes, this is one of my favorite breeds of dogs….Pit bulls are mistreated and misunderstood but most of them are amazing animals with good temperaments! Loyal and cuddly too1

  2. ellen cottone says:

    how doubly tripely and horrable shameful of you . To drop off a young family dog. One who thinks,
    To a high kill animal control center.

  3. Beth(SunWolf) C. says:

    OK then wouldn’t you find a place so he could be with you? DI’d you ask friends family if they could take him before you brought him to the shelter I doubt it.. such a young pup and just so sweet and beautiful I believe Moses will be in a home soon I hope this will be his forever home..????

  4. Catherine Staffy says:

    Poor mutt. Only a year did the family adopt him and then decided to leave him at the shelter. Were they moving far away? To a house or a flat?

      • karin parker says:

        Surely to the Good God above there has to be away to get him out of that hole and there must be a way to help defenseless Moses by the so called loving at one time part of the family ???? This to me is like letting one of your elderly family into a nursing. Where you will be to far to visit often . Have a heart surely to God there must be away to help your so called pet

  5. Laura says:

    Omg. I absolutely hate humans! Being in rescue is so heartbreaking. That jerk could have found a place. Unreal. Makes me scared to adopt to people. Everyone needs a psych evaluation before adoption

  6. nelly says:

    such a beautiful dog I had tears for you baby I wish I can win the lottery so I can save every animal that goes in there. hope you get a nice family.

  7. Darla says:

    Moses, you are so cute! I hope you find a forever home soon. I would live under a bridge before I would give up my dogs because they are my kids and I would never abandon them.

  8. Linda Patton says:

    I’d find somewhere else to move. In my opinion there’s no excuse! Sleep in your car if you have to, ask a friend to petsit for you, find a foster home… there’s many ways to get around this. Have your pet certified as a companion animal, don’t just dump them! Imagine how the animal feels, confused, scared, heartbroken. People like this make me sick! Guess it was to much work to find an alternative… praying this baby finds a real forever home ASAP!!!

  9. Sheri says:

    What a handsome boy!!! There are very few excuses that are acceptable for giving up your best friend and this owner didn’t have one of them. My two dogs are with me for life. If a place doesn’t accept dogs I simply find some place that does!!!!

  10. Red says:

    No excuse….. moving…? REALLY? We moved, have moved several times and we NEVER go anywhere or live anywhere they will not accept our furkid!! MOVING is no freaking excuse. They should be put on a list so as never to be allowed another pet!

  11. Brandi Netherton says:

    I work at the shelter where Moses was surrendered at. He was adopted this afternoon by a man with two young boys. Moses left a very happy by.

  12. Nancy says:

    ???? I just got news that MOSES WAS ADOPTED!! ???? and he has two new human kids to play with and love him! ❤ We are SO very happy for him!

    I want to thank ALL of you for your caring & SHARES, that makes a huge impact for these homeless animals to be seen.
    Also, please know there are A LOT of Moses’ out there in our community shelters. If you are able, go visit the shelter near you and give a dog a home!! ❤

    ~ Nancy Klein

  13. Ysabelle says:

    I hate it if people adopt an animal after they will just be surrender, return or neglect… what’s the purpose for adopting if you cant take the full responsibility…. you just make there heart broken over and over again!
    after they loved you and good to you that’s its you will say sorry buddy I cant take you with me…. I hope Moses will find a new home that he will stay forever.

  14. Lindy says:

    We moved 8 times in 3 years to keep our cats. We got basement suites for 2 different sets of people who wouldn’t keep the noise down, complained to the landlord’s and they wouldn’t renew the lease. They preferred to keep these troublemakers over us nice quiet people! I remember having spent the night in the car with my cats til we found a place that accepted our cats. No excuse to dump a dog! So glad he was adopted!

    • Catherine Staffy says:

      Nice comment ….I think we all agree with you. Sometimes it seems to me that there are way too many animal dislikers or is it the animals outnumber animal lovers !

      • ellen cottone says:

        Dear Catherine,
        I feel like can share this with you and lindy and meny others that find there way to this place of words thoughts and actions. Here goes..
        I Do believe one time we were all children of god in the garden of eden. human and animal.
        Some of us , we the children of adam,
        some of us remember.

        But monsters walk among us.
        Some monsters are redeamable. I believe in the redemption of a mans soul.
        These stories, These heart wrenching silent pictures are excruciating and tell a vivid story in the plight of a fellow creature. These profound and relatable, human?animal emotions can open a steel trapped mind and melt a cold heart. We need to campaign to the heartless.We need to quitely pass these stories on to people who need to understand.

        This is something we can do. We can help animals be considered. It was what we were suppose do do, since it was man that got all animals thrown out of paridise. We were suppose to be kind and consider them. they also are gods masterpiece.And look what we have done.
        I would like to help,

        Make humans great again.

        One monster at a time. Every day for the rest of my life.
        starting now

  15. Cheryl says:

    Where is he located? I live in Florida, a home my husband and I own with a fenced in back yard. I have two cats and a female, fixed, chihuahua. We have been thinking of getting a pup but he seems so perfect for us if we can some how adopt him. How and what do I need to go thru?

      • Al M Monaco says:

        although it was terrible that Moses was surrendered for the 2nd time, at least this family brought him back to the shelter so he could have another chance at a good life….kudos for that…..many dogs are just dropped off somewhere to fend for themselves….sometimes people say the move caused the surrender, when in reality, they can’t afford the dog anymore, and a big dog costs money in food, and vet bills…..I am not going to judge anyone who bring a dog to the shelter in hopes of him finding a loving home with people who can afford him.

    • Mongoose Jones says:

      Cheryl: though this dog was adopted, there are others in every shelter in the nation who are (60% of them) KILLED in the shelters, usually due to “space”….that is, “no space”, cages all full…..

  16. Scott Dunnington-Smith says:

    You know im glad it all worked out BUT i am sick to death of all these stories where they go on about how these animals exhibit “human” emotions and crap like “clinging” to their owner. Its all bleeding heart tripe. Yes animals have emotions but stop trying to personify somerhing that isnt there. The dog acted the same as youd expect if they were just at a grocery store. They often act like that at any place resembling a vets office with other animals around. On the other hand i have no respect for someone that can give away a member of their family.

  17. Narda Castro says:

    I agree. I work in retail and it makes me sick when I hear my customers say they got a new puppy for their kids. Most of them will be put down because of these idiots. Animals are not gifts but a living being like a newborn. I am fortunate to have provided the best of care for my four legged children as my oldest passed at 19 years peacefully with me.

    • tina says:

      Animals don’t run our lives. Most people accept the responsibilities it takes to own animals. Why are you even on this site if you’re not an animal lover/advocate?!!

    • ellen cottone says:

      Your one in a million Tom smith.do you have trouble with long term relationships in general?
      Do many of your issues revolve around your felling of coming second or feeling run in your Life?
      You seem to be able to detach your self from family pet suffering. You think they deserve to be thrown away be cause they need food and to go the bathroom.
      You need to sit with your nose in the corner and think about how your words add to this universal problem.
      You work on this.

    • gillian says:

      Pity your mother didn’t
      give you up at birth then your adoptive
      parents give you up after a year!! (you might be a
      bit sympathetic to this poor innocent pup!)
      In fact pity your mother had you at all!!!
      you are a heartless bastard, hope you have a shit life!!

  18. debor33 says:

    I am so happy Moses was adopted and will have two little boys to love him & play with him…..do you have any pictures of him leaving with his new owners?

  19. ACE says:

    Goddamnit! If the house doesn’t accept pets, then YOU DON”T MOVE INTO THAT HOUSE, go onto craigs list and post for a home that DOES accept pets-they are there- or just Google it-THEY ARE THERE! Shame on ANY owner that would abandon their pet, for this unacceptable excuse-NOT a REASON!


    I don’t know how anyone can be so heartless! His kids will dump his ass to the care home when he gets old, trust me!

    • ellen cottone says:

      Caught on the second bounce.
      Now a family with 2 little boys
      step in.
      A match made in heaven.
      Now he gets to be a puppy again.
      Only this time it’s better.
      They are nice to him

  21. Rogan-Darby's Mama says:

    ellen cottone,
    Considering the example you’re leading with here and the judgemental nastiness spewing out of your mouth. I sure am glad my salvation doesn’t depend on you. There are other humans you may be influencing with your negativity though. Maybe the first monster you need to start with… is in you. Then hopefully you’ll be able to truly lead by example, with compassion and with love in lifting people up and helping make humans great again! I pray Gods love fills your heart and lifts you up!!!????????????

    • ellen cottone says:

      I am so glad your salvation dosnt depend on me
      either, R.D Mama.

      but your salvation could not be in better hands.

      if you can find
      Any negativity in any of my messages then you can be sure the message was indeed for you.
      try not to take it personally.

      but you do need to work out your
      own salvation.

      with fear and shaking.

      you seem a little preoccupied
      with whom my words are directed to.

      bulls eye!

      speaking the truth.
      till you get it rite.
      no charge.

    • HumboldtRick says:

      If your god really exists, then why do innocent animals suffer? What about innocent babies? Your beliefs are total man-made nonsense.

      • ellen cottone says:

        Poor humboltdic,
        look, hes got something to say,
        can you hear his life long unhappy,
        why do you cry out in such pain? humbolt?
        is it because you never get your way?
        looking for a tangle with compleat stranger
        is this how the banished conucts himself?

        Have you run out of family members to persucute
        You have been sent away havent you so you cant play this rant
        with former friends and family, can you?
        Closed doors and changed locks in ya face Dicbolt ?

        Funny, you dont belive in god , but god belives in you
        But what you really fear most is dying,
        and you will call out for gods mercy on your death bed
        the mean unhappy athiasts who do not serve the world and our animal brethren and the people around them alwasy do.
        It is a common and well documented phenomona

        I can feel your blood boil all the way from ny, baby.
        a half a nation away.

        Thats what you came here for today isnt it?
        a personal stand of with ellen?
        I just cut to the chase and capture.
        Now im standing over you with my dollor store lite sabor with my shoe firmly on your throat.
        It is a pretty picture.
        you will forever have that image in your head.
        I will not .
        sorry but i am moving on to a project to end the suffering of someone else who cried out for me in the middle of the nite.
        Let me know when you are ready. I can help you with that ,
        that demon thats curled up inside your chest where your heart is supposed to be.
        time is ticking.
        The end is closer than you think

  22. ellen cottone says:

    Ryan, still trying to justify your dumping of your dog friend. That terrible Day? When you dropped off your Dog? At a kill Shelter? For its own good!?


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