Betrayed: Dog thrown out on the street because he was ‘sick’

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A senior Labrador retriever had been betrayed and left abandoned on the streets of Miami. There he stayed barely hanging on to life, not moving, and at first people  passing by thought he was dead. When rescue organization, Their Lives Matter stepped up to help on Monday, the dog they dubbed Collin, was immediately rushed to an emergency veterinary hospital in Miami where he received life saving treatment:Collin the dog cover 2

“This is the reality of our cruel world…. a living being thrown out like trash, literally left on the street by his owner because he was “sick” when he needed his “owner” the most…. he was betrayed…..Don’t look away …. I know it’s difficult. But its real. It’s sad, and someone knowingly neglected this senior boy. His very life and soul barely hanging on today until he finally got a break, and someone noticed his desperate situation… Collin is being stabilized as we speak. If you can spare a dollar it will go a long way for yet another senior in need who didn’t matter to an owner who didn’t deserve him – once again Dr. Oscar  and Pet House are giving their all their help to him and our volunteers are there,” posted Grace Lofton Kaye, founder of the rescue organization on her Facebook page as she showed the heartbreaking reality of indifference and too many times – a disposable society.collin the dog 2

Collin arrived at the hospital with open wounds, dehydrated and covered in more than a 1,000 ticks. By the end of the day, the dog had been given a warm bath, fed, ticks removed and is currently on antibiotics. Amazingly he tested negative for heartworms and is now receiving fluids and being kept comfortable; most likely a feeling this dog hasn’t known for a long time. The next step into Collin’s recovery will be to address tumors and hope they are not cancerous. While he may have been callously tossed away by his owner, we can all be reassured Collin will never be betrayed again.Collin the dog 4


A fundraiser to help with Collin’s veterinary treatment can be found here.

Readers can follow his progress here.

Photos and video courtesy of Their Lives Matter.





Check out his video here – probably the first bath this poor boy can even remember:

Posted by Grace Lofton Kaye on Monday, February 20, 2017

27 replies
  1. pennysdachshund says:

    Hope the POS that just “abandoned the dog that SO NEEDED the love and Medical Care” that were denied him when they left him… DO NOT HAVE ELDERLY Parents!!! Especially if they will need help in day, months, or years to come….

    • Pam Stephens Baker says:

      Thank you Dr.Oscar and volunteers for rescuing Collin after he had been thrown out on the street for being old and sick.Thank you for bathing him,cleaning him of ticks,feeding him,and most of all loving him.Im sure that love made him WANT to live.Now,the rest of his life can be full of peace and love.Thank you again for saving not only Collin but all of the other animals that you save and try to save.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Dog gets old and sick, you don’t want to deal with it, then throw the poor thing out onto the street and forget about it. Too much of this going on. How someone does this to their elderly pet, I will never be able to understand. We seemingly live in a society of heartless people that, if they don’t want to deal with something, they leave it and let someone else do it. I’m so sorry Collin, your owner let you down, Collin is most likely one of the lucky ones, he found help, one has to wonder how many don’t.

    • Darla says:

      One can only hope that the POS who dumped Collin when he got old and sick has children who will do the same to him/her. I personally ADORE the senior dogs, especially Labs. I pray that Collin finds a home that will love him for the rest of his life.

  3. Shayna Traveler says:

    I have such a hard time reading the e-mails that come in this site and usually end up in tears, and yet, I wouldn’t discontinue because this site brings to light the visciousness of humans against pets. It’s incomprehensible to me that human beings are so evil and cruel, but the reality is within all the stories you bring to light.

    I’m a Senior Citizen and over the years have had many dogs I have loved and lost, but all to age or illness, never because of a lack of love and caring.

    I want so desperately to help but Social Security does not allow and I continue to pray extra funds to fall into my hands or outside resources to continue to provide the funds that you need to continue your good works.

    God Bless.

  4. Solveig Pettersson says:

    Hope Collin Will be recovered and be a happy boy again ????????????what a horribel owner! !! Whats vrong with some peopl?? Whish Collin a new happy foreverhome ❤❤❤❤❤❤ Big Hugs from Sweden ❤????????❤

  5. Nancy Raymond says:

    Collin is sick because this piss poor excuse for an owner severely neglected him. Then dumps this poor dog like garbage. Hopefully, he recovers and gets the safe loving home he never had – AND for this maggot owner, may they end up living and dying a slow painful death under a filthy bridge and no one helps them.

  6. Kathleen Drude says:

    The fact that he was thrown away is one issue the fact that people walked right by him is another! This is the sad reality of animals everyday! This is the sad reality of what human beings do to a pet they no longer want to be bothered with! This is something I see way too often a dog or cat who is just tossed away like they are garbage! Most have been abused and yet they look at you with trusting eyes! The eyes of an animal will tell you all you need to know if you care to look! I’m glad this little old man has been saved and shown kindness and love!

    • mike says:

      Thank goodness he was saved, but, even If the dog was dead I cannot believe that nobody took it upon themselves to call or remove the dog and have it buried. I would have picked up the dog and given it a burial in my back yard. I did it with a dead cat that I spotted on the side of a road.

  7. Kathryn Aldridge says:

    I cherished EVERY LAST MOMENT with my Black Lab, Charlie. He was my HEART. He died at almost 15 yrs. old because of cancer on his spleen. If I could have extended his life with me, I would have done ANYTHING. In fact, when I couldn’t find a rental that I could afford in California, I moved to a different STATE to be able to keep him. “Throwing away” a dog because s/he is sick/elderly is beyond my comprehension!

    Collin, I hope your final days are filled with joy and love. You deserve NOTHING LESS. ????????❤????????

  8. Maria A Pantin says:

    Evil being that do crulity to Gods creatures (we all are his creatures) shall internally received the same as they done to Our Father GOD’S inasent creatures.

  9. Kim Turner says:

    I hope they find the owner and prosecute to the fullest extent. I learned on on Their Live’s Matter facebook page that Collins passed away on February 28th. At least he’s not in pain anymore and knew that someone loved him and that he had a warm bed and soft blanket to sleep on. Food , water, doggie treats and was loved. The people for that rescue site are deeply heartbroken at the loss.

    • linda says:

      Kathy they know who the owner is. A passerby saw the owner take him out of the house and left him in the yard. The passerby asked the owner what was wrong with him and his reply “he’s full of ticks and fleas”. If you click up on top where it reads follow progress it will tell you the story,


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