Betrayed again: Dog holding his toy at NYC shelter slated to die today

The reality of a happy pooch named Hank is he faces euthanasia again at 1:00 p.m. on Monday in New York City; he has been betrayed again. Just eight-months ago, Hank’s photo went viral as he happily wagged his tail and carried his favorite stuffed toy in his mouth at the Brooklyn Care Center for New York Animal Care. The adorable little guy attracted the attention of thousands and thousands of animal advocates, and following his photo came the questions :

“Could life be anymore innocent? Could this life be saved?

Just a few days later, the nail biting and the sleepless nights from animal advocates worried about Hank’s fate stopped. Hank was adopted! The dog safely left the building. Not long after the pup happily padded out the front door of the shelter, Animal Care Centers of New York City posted the smiling pup’s photo with his new mom:

“Check out Hank! He’s spending his first night with his new family. Many thanks to Sav-a-Bull for making this wonderful connection!,” the shelter announced.

But, but, but…. on Sunday evening, October 29, Hank’s photo and status reappeared on the city’s euthanasia list. An advocate posted Hank’s status:

“FRIENDS – I HAVE A HEARTBREAKING UPDATE! OUR BELOVED HANK WAS FOUND AS A ‘STRAY’ on 10/19/17! He touched so many hearts and had so many people wanting to adopt him, but some uncaring irresponsible POS betrayed his trust and threw him on the streets. He is not back on death row yet. But he caged at the worst high kill slaughter house in NYC – Manhattan.”

It had been on March 22, when the Pet Rescue Report originally shared his story. Part of Hank’s interaction stated:

Volunteer says Rachel Bennett: “I have spent time with Hank and he has the grumpy dog look down pat. But he’s really such a sweet, happy boy who loves treats and attention. He seems very house trained and according to his notes does better with female dogs or should be the only dog in the home.”

Another volunteer wrote: “He loves back scratches, and being spoken to and responds happily to the smallest attentions. Hank seems house trained and knows the commands “sit” and “give paw” and will eagerly do both for a treat. Hank is such a character it’s hard not to fall in love with him.”

Click here for Hank’s latest adoption listing from the Manhattan . Follow his Facebook page here and here.

Publicly adoptable dogs can be reserved via if you can get to the NYC ACC “in person” within 48 hours to complete the adoption process and bring home your dog. More information can be found at the link. Shelter contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000


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Share Hank’s plight with friends, family, approved rescue organizations and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Yes, Hank was betrayed, but his life can be spared. Dogs listed on “death row” only have a few hours to be rescued.

“Hello, my name is Hank
My animal id is #10234
I am a desexed male gray dog at the
Manhattan Animal Care Center
The shelter thinks I am about 1 years old, 50 lbs
Came in shelter as a stray Oct. 19, 2017

Hank is at risk due to being diagnosed with Canine Upper respiratory Disease Complex. He will most likely will require in home care with antibiotics and is contagious to other dogs. He received an Experience behavior determination.

Let’s get to know each other a bit more…

Another volunteer writes: He’s so gorgeous I can’t resist him, and when he gives me a gentle kiss, I get weak in the knees. And to top it off, he’s a great sport about putting on a too-small caterpillar outfit, ready for Halloween. You seriously have to love this big handsome dog as a caterpillar! Hank is stunning, he sits, shakes paw, loves to cuddle, and loves to make friends. Although he always wears his ‘serious’ face, underneath that stoic outside is a heart pounding with love. He loves to hang with his person and is hoping that person finds him today. Come meet him today, you’ll be so glad you did.”

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(Photos and video of dog betrayed again via Julia Carner, Facebook, NYC ACC and Must Love Dogs)

Check out one of his videos: