‘Beautiful and deep as the sea’ a dog named Ocean will die today if no one helps

Without a foster or an adopter, a beautiful dog named Ocean will be euthanized on Friday afternoon at the Manhattan’s facility for New York Animal Care Centers. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, and sadly Ocean … Read More

Terrified little dog surrendered to shelter with his wheelchair

UPDATE: SAVED! Pulled by Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue.

Pledges and donations can be sent via this link.

In Brooklyn, New York, a 12-year-old dachshund named Bobbi was surrendered to the Animal Care … Read More

Lost dog euth’ed within 24 hours of being brought to NY shelter

A lost dog was euthanized within 24 hours after he arrived at the Staten Island Animal Care Center. The owner had frantically been searching for his 16-year-old mastiff only to find out his dog had … Read More

Young ‘Cream’ faces death at NYC for ‘acting out’

A one-year-old young dog’s heartbreak can be seen in his soulful eyes. Cream is barely a year old, and everything he has known in his short life has been taken away from him. His life … Read More

A puppy’s final moments: Shelter ‘misfit’ hung his head when nobody came

Rudolph is barely out of “puppyhood”, but on Saturday afternoon the Manhattan facility of New York Animal Care Centers will end his life. Deemed as a shelter “misfit” there were no presents under the tree … Read More

Betrayed again: Dog holding his toy at NYC shelter slated to die today

The reality of a happy pooch named Hank is he faces euthanasia again at 1:00 p.m. on Monday in New York City; he has been betrayed again. Just eight-months ago, Hank’s photo went viral as … Read More