‘Beautiful and deep as the sea’ a dog named Ocean will die today if no one helps

Without a foster or an adopter, a beautiful dog named Ocean will be euthanized on Friday afternoon at the Manhattan’s facility for New York Animal Care Centers. Sometimes life just isn’t fair, and sadly Ocean has been in and out of the shelter system never belonging to anyone for very long.

Ocean was first found as an underweight stray with open wounds. She was adopted and returned as her elderly owners were no longer able to care for her, however they noted how she would always greet them with a “happy dance.” And then she was adopted and returned again – this time she had puncture wounds from being pulled along with a prong collar because she doesn’t like other dogs.

“For five years she knew love. OCEAN slept with her parent till her parent became too elderly to care for her any longer. Through tears and heartbreak, she said goodbye to her best friend in the world, and handed over her leash to the shelter staff, hoping that Ocean would find a home with a younger, active family who would give her a better life than she herself could. Ocean looked up confused, not sure why her parent was so sad, and when her parent walked out the door, she looked up at the staff as if to say ‘please go get her, I can’t live without her.’ But that was not to be.”

A volunteer writes;

“Beautiful and deep as the sea, Ocean has as many sides to her as the water. Ocean takes a minute to warm up to new handlers. She loves to go out and explore, and was happy to let off some steam on our winter walk. It took a few walks before Ocean began to let us in, and on our third walk she showed her gratitude and affection by leaning on our legs for some love. There’s something so special about earning the trust and love of a pup like Ocean. And we know the love and snuggles we shared that day are only the tip of the iceberg of love this special girl has to give. If you decide to give this girl a chance, she will be your most loyal and loving friend for life. Ocean would thrive with an active family and she wants to be your only fur baby…”

Ocean is five-years-old and has been described as a “huge people person and will become instant friends with anyone she encounters.”

Check out videos:


Here’s another video:

How about one more?

TO SAVE OCEAN ID# 79318, please post on THREAD, PRIVATE MESSAGE – Saving NYC  Dogs Lives Matter or EMAIL NYCDogsLivesMatter@gmail.com

TO Be Euthanized 5/4/2021 in NYC 
FOSTER or ADOPTER needed BY NOON that day to SAVE sweet Ocean’s life! PLEASE, SHARE!

– A $500 stipend will be offered to the New Hope partner that pulls Ocean 79318


Dogs with Level 4 determinations will need to go to homes with experienced adopters. It is suggested adopters have prior experience with the behaviors described.

No children (under 13)
No cats
Single-pet home
Recommend no dog parks

More information about Ocean can be read here.

Please share Ocean’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. She deserves better than to die today.

Will I still fit on your lap mom?


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  1. Jan Barnes says:


  2. Bunny Peters says:

    In such a densely populated area like New York, surely there is a person who can open their heart and home for this precious treasure…….

    I am across the continent in Seattle, so there is no way I can foster her…..

    I hope she gets help in time. Her former owners would be heartbroken to learn that she was euthanized instead of rehomed…….


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