Lost dog euth’ed within 24 hours of being brought to NY shelter

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A lost dog was euthanized within 24 hours after he arrived at the Staten Island Animal Care Center. The owner had frantically been searching for his 16-year-old mastiff only to find out his dog had already been killed by the shelter.

According to News12 Westchester, the entire tragic situation was caught on video. On Thanksgiving weekend, the dog was found in a Staten Island park on Saturday morning and taken to the shelter. She was then transferred to the Manhattan location where she was euthanized later the same day.

The dog, named Lila had been with his family since she was three-months-old and had been a rescue from the same shelter. Lila had a microchip; although it did not have a phone number, the address of the owner was correct located just five minutes from the Staten Island shelter where Lila was found.

The shelter stated they had examined the dog and a veterinarian concluded she had been suffering and her quality of life had been poor “that euthanasia was the only humane option.”

New York State Law does give shelters the authority to euthanize dogs that are “suffering.” Lost or abandoned dogs are to be held for five days – identified strays are to be held for seven.

Sadly, Lila died alone with unfamiliar staff  – most likely desperately searching for her family as she took her final breath. Rest in peace Lila.

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5 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is inexcusable. This dog had a micro chip and you are telling me they couldn’t contact the owners? Why do we micro chip our pets if the chips will be ignored! I don’t care what condition the “vet” seemed to think the dog was in, she had a family and it was up to the family to say whether she lived or died! I would be suing that shelter for all they were worth. They had NO right to end this dogs life without first making an attempt to find the dog’s family. My sincere condolences to Lila’s family, I can’t imagine the heartbreak!

  2. Denise Moore says:

    Who makes these decisions because I sure in heck don’t ever want them making life or death decisions for a human.

    Sad old furkid RIP

  3. Sherry says:

    These ppl need to be euthanized for what they did…jst stupid!!! So only an address and to lazy to check it out… poor Lila RIP sweet girl..


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