Young ‘Cream’ faces death at NYC for ‘acting out’

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A one-year-old young dog’s heartbreak can be seen in his soulful eyes. Cream is barely a year old, and everything he has known in his short life has been taken away from him. His life used to center around two children – aged 2 and 6. Cream knew how big he was compared to the children and was gentle with them; together they would play with toys while Cream would lick the kids with love and patience. When not playing, Cream followed his owner everywhere, but that was yesterday, and today he is scheduled to die by humane euthanasia at the Brooklyn’s facility of New York City Animal Care Centers. Volunteers state the friendly dog is being railroaded.

A volunteer writes:

“His favorite thing to do is play. He likes to play with balls, sticks, bottles, squeaky toys, stuff toys, and chew toys. He enjoys playing fetch, chase, wrestling, tug, and alerting.”

Another boy, barely out of puppy hood and completely misunderstood at the shelter. Cream comes with wonderful surrender notes. Crate-Trained! House-Trained! Gentle with the children with whom he lived! He is young, he is energetic, he wants to play play play! And there is not time and place for that at the shelter. And because he is in a kennel all day, with no chance to run and play, he is unsure, scared, acting out. And for that, he will die.”

Cream 17092
A male fawn dog
Brooklyn Animal Care Center
About 1 years 3 months old
Weight – 74 lbs
Owner surrender on 28-Dec-2017 -landlord won’t allow

The following is how Cream reacted when he was surrendered. He’s young, scared and confused:

“Cream walked well on a leash into the admissions office. when he entered the office he sat while the owner and the counselor talked. After about 10 mins, Cream started to become aroused from all the barking in the kennels and jumped on his owner and licked his face. When removed he started to pull to look around the room and jump. Cream’s attention was redirected to a treat and he sat down and calmed down. He took the treat very gently from the counselor’s hand. He was difficult to collar because he would not hold still and struggled when held by his owner. It was eventually placed on him. His owner left and the counselor was able to get Cream to to for a photo by showing him a treat and saying ‘sit.’ He held still and then gently took the treat. He pulled very hard on the leash when walking around the care center but he showed no behavior concerns during the admissions process.”

Check out his video. You be the judge. Cream is rated New Hope and needs an approved rescue organization to help him survive the day.

A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here or here.

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Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

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16 replies
  1. Helen says:

    Why didn’t the SOB owner surrendered Cream to a rescue, instead of a kill shelter? Why the shelter will only give Cream to a rescue and not allow Cream be adopted out to an individual or family? Did the shelter send out a plea to NYC rescues to save Cream, such as RDR, Second Chance and Badass? Please do not kill Cream!

    Will share on FB.

    • Heather says:

      The “New Hope only” tag just means the rescue has to get him from the shelter. If an individual wants him, all they have to do is contact Amsterdog, Second Chance, Scooby Do’s (NJ), many many more!! These rescues are more than willing to help– they don’t want these dogs to die !

  2. Marni says:

    This is so wrong. We must have all no kill shelters and make it mandatory for all dogs to be spayed and neutered. No breeding anymore. We need to take care of those we have here already.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    It’s appalling the number of young dogs in danger of losing their lives in these facilities. They aren’t even given a chance to find a new home. Shame on the people that had him and promised to love him til the day he dies, why the need to dump this poor pup? I am sharing and praying someone comes forward and saves his life!

  4. Elaine Briden says:

    Awww please someone help this sweetheart. It breaks my heart he’s such a sweetie, deserves a long HAPPY life ????????????????

  5. Joanne says:


  6. Nancy Raymond says:

    NYCACC is the absolute worst place for any dog that even slightly resembles a pit bull – they are not given any chance for adoption and little chance for a rescue to get them. If it weren’t for the volunteers dogs like Cream would not get any exposure – the so called ‘humans’ who run this hell hole do nothing but kill them, these dogs are given no chance whatsoever. It makes no difference if they are the sweetest dog ever, Risa Weinstock and her trashbag cohort, Patrick Malloy give ALL pit bulls no consideration.

  7. Diana Roby says:

    They did it. They murdered Cream. Sweet, innocent, Cream, I am so very sorry you were let down by humans not once but twice. It wasn’t your fault. You are, were a puppy and puppies are full of energy. For this death camp to make you rescue only was setting you up for failure. You needed someone to give you a second chance. Unfortunately, with the large overpopulation of dogs in NYC, because you were labeled ro, you were not as desirable as dogs ready to be adopted. So they took you on that long walk to the death chamber and you were destroyed without the love you so richly deserved. You were loved and you will never be forgotten. I promise that you will never be forgotten. Run free with all the other dogs at the Rainbow Bridge. Say hi to my two babies, Kitten and Max. They will show you the ropes. Go with dog.


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