Abused dog destined to be adopted by trooper who found him passes away

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In Dublin County, North Carolina, a terribly neglected German shepherd destined to be adopted by the state trooper who rescued him in the middle of a road less than a week ago, passed away on Friday evening. On the Facebook page of the Pet Friends of Duplin County came the sad announcement regarding the abused dog:

“It is with great sadness that we let you know, Duck passed away during the night. It has been a very difficult day for everyone who fell in love with this unbelievable sweet dog. The shelter has vowed to get justice for Duck.”duck the german shepherd 2

According to news station Wcti12, State Trooper Justin Gardner found the starved German Shepherd on a bridge on Sarecta Road outside of Kenansville and brought him to animal services for help. Staff members at the shelter immediately began to treat the starving 37-pound dog, dubbed Duck and described his injuries as one of the worst cases of animal neglect and cruelty they had ever seen. Chances are the dog had been confined to a cage for an extended period of time – so much so his growth appeared to have been stunted. When found, the young dog’s feet were swollen and blistered from standing in his own feces and urine.

Trooper Gardner had fallen in love with Duck and had planned to adopt him. Sadly, that was not to happen. Animal services are looking for the person responsible for abusing Duck. Anyone with information is asked to call (910).296.2159. Help Duck find justice.

Photos of abused dog Duck courtesy of Pet Friends of Duplin County.

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  1. Joanne says:

    This is extremely heartbreaking and sad. This sweet innocent dog suffered agonizing starvation, excruciating pain, cruel torture, profound neglect, and despicable betrayal! Duck, I am so sorry humanity failed you. Duck, you deserved so much better. My heart bleeds for the horrible existence and sadness this precious dog suffered. We must be the voice for this helpless dog that suffered horrific abuse, pain, hunger and loneliness. The evil monster scumbag that horrifically abused this angel must be severely punished! Rest in Heavenly Peace, Angel Duck, you are now in the tender loving care of Jesus. I am praying for your deserved justice and the evil monster that abused you will be prosecuted to the maximum extent! Angel Duck, you are dearly loved and you will be missed. RIP, BABY ♥️

  2. Cathy Rolley says:

    That is so sad.The poor helpless dog finally is rescued by someone who cares and finally knows what it is like to be loved and then he passes away.So sad that he wasn’t found sooner.Thank you to Justin the state trooper and the people who tried to save him.I hope that they catch the lowlife who did this to this sweet and and I pray that after the judge hears from the state trooper who found the dog that Judge will give the lowlife the toughest sentence he can and that no one lets them off easy.So sorry to the state trooper and the people who tried to save him,how sad all of you must be.Duck has gone to heaven and will always be loved now.So so sad that Duck only knew love for a short time here on earth.I hope the lowlife who did this gets what he deserves and much more.

  3. Angela Corso says:

    RIP Duck! :(. Maybe the officer can find another dog to adopt. There are many dogs just like Duck that would love to go to a forever home!

  4. vicki hood says:

    Please find the sewer scum that so abused Duck. An innocent suffered and the only kindness was when the trooper found him .So many tears for this baby and his suffering. Keep us posted and thank you Trooper Gardner for caring and saving a precious soul


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