Update: Shih Tzu brutally slammed to floor by teen at boarding facility

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The owners of the abused Shih Tzu in a Viera, Florida boarding facility, seen on a surveillance video being brutally abused by an employee, thanked the public for their support as the news of the investigation and arrest of the alleged culprit circulated through social media. On Friday, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey said in a statement on Facebook:Joseph Perdergrass

“Lillie’s family would like the public to know that Lillie is recovering from surgery after the incident. The family appreciates the outpouring of concern and prayers for her during this difficult time. The family would particularly like to thank Sheriff Wayne Ivey, Deputy Scragg and his team at Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office for the work they have done for our family.”

Joseph Pendergrass, 19, an employee of the Barkingham Palace, located in Rockledge, was seen on video abusing the small Shih Tzu earlier this week.The owners of the facility had no idea Pendergrass had been abusing the dog until they found the dog crying and in pain. When brought to the veterinarian’s office for treatment on Monday, staff discovered the dog’s leg was broken. It wasn’t until they checked their surveillance videos that the boarding facility owners witnessed the egregious abuse on Sunday. Staff at the facility immediately notified the Sheriff’s Office.

The disturbing footage began with Pendergrass walking into the video view with the dog’s leash trailing behind him. He is then seen swinging the dog by its leash into the air with his left arm before slamming it onto the concrete floor. Then he is seen violently dragging Lillie and lifting her into the air by her leash a second time. Pendergrass then kicked the dog before moving it through a door to a different part of the facility.

On Thursday, Pendergrass was arrested in Orlando after he returned from Georgia and faces animal cruelty charges. Sheriff Ivey also thanked the community and the quick action of the Barkingham Palace:

“As Sheriff, I would like to also thank our community for their support for our team, for Lillie’s owners, and the owners of the facility where the incident occurred. As I always say, “it takes a community to protect a community” and this case is a perfect example of doing just that!!”

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(Photo of Shih Tzu slammed to the floor courtesy of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office)

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40 replies
  1. Audra Lacey-Ehrlich says:

    Let me get my hands on you you little bastard I’ll slam you to the God damn concrete floor and I’ll break your legs you little monster thank God you live in Florida and I can’t get my hands on you or I certainly would I hope they throw away the key and lock your ass up forever and ever

    • Cindy says:

      I agree with you 100% the SOB oughta be slammed on the floor himself kicked in the head kicked in the chest break his leg break his arm I beat that son of a bitch with a bat

  2. Michelle says:

    I have 2 completely spoiled and loved shih-tzu. How sad and horrible that someone could do this. It is cruelty beyond words. If she needs a home, our family would gladly care for the poor lovely girl! That guy deserves….well I won’t say on here. But all kinds of hell, surely.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Bastard needs to be dragged behind a moving vehicle and beaten until he has more than a few broken bones. Only a vile filthy monster would abuse a tiny dog. Oh, wait, look at those dead eyes. Yep. A monster.

    • Kimberley Houser says:

      You are lucky I don’t know where you are you bastard. I would do the same thing to you. I would also turn you into a woman. You week bastard. There aren’t words that can explain the type of ass hole you are. I hope you got in hell.

      Kim Houser

  4. Jacquie Sue says:

    Poor baby. Why would anyone treat a defenslive dog this way. What could possibly done to him. I have a little 5 pound Shih Tzu and love her with all my heart. I don’t know what I would do to someone who treated her in this manner. What a poor example of human being he is. Shame on him.

  5. Deb Bain says:

    I have a five year old shih tzu named Pepper. These are just the sweetest, most loyal little dogs. if she would like to move to MN, I’ll take her and protect her- and she gets a brother.

  6. Brian R. Galbraith says:

    I’m glad the POS is in custody, I don’t have a pet but still what these many pricks do to animals really upsets my applecart! Makes me want to get my hands on them & mistreat them! That Shih-tzu is a beautiful little dog! Get well Lillie!

  7. Sal says:

    How could they? I’ve had 3 of them over the years and they are very loving and loyal dogs. It brings me to tears to hear this. It also makes me sick to even think about it.

  8. pennysdachshund says:

    Would be and Considerate, Compassionate, and Devoted to our animal companions and the owners, and families who are the caretakers, of their beloved pets, and DO THE EXCELLENT Work Sheriff Wayne Ivey and Deputy Scagg did there would be at DRASTICT DECREASE in The ABUSE CASES IN OUR USA towns and cities !!!!! This STORY NEEDS TO BE CIRCULATED IN EVERY STATE< CITY< TOWN<COUNTY in AMERICA!!!!

  9. LaffingGravy says:

    Hey you pizza-faced punk coward. I have 100 + lbs of attitude with big teeth that she would just as soon sink into your worthless ass as look at you. Consider this your invitation to slam her down in the ground. I dare you, you gutless POS

  10. Mr, Monkey says:

    The boy (cause he definitely not a real “Man”) he should be made to pay for all the medical cost for the abused dog Lillie. Then throw his ass in jail where he will know real abuse.

  11. Deanna says:

    I wanna hurt this little maggot in the worst way for little Lilly!!! Break every Bonne in his body!! Hugs and kisses sweet Lilly ❤❤❤

  12. Lila says:

    Omg this hurts my heart. I have shih tzus, but for any animal to be treated this way is horrible. Prayers for a quick recovery for Lillie.

  13. joanna eglin says:

    Bastard hope you get a long time in prison and receive the same treatment . How can anybody hurt a defenceless animal. What a wanker

  14. Cathy Rolley says:

    Oh my God that poor dog and the poor family that owns her ,how sad for them to see someone do this to the dog that they love so much.I hope she gets well soon.Poor Lillie she will probably be scared of other people now.Yes I agree that worthless piece of shit deserve to be swung around with a rope tied to his neck,slammed on concrete, tortured and then hung in the middle of town and let us animal lovers torture him to death slowly but surely.I wish we could do like they did back in the old days ,put posters up saying wanted dead or alive.I promise you they wouldn’t be alive after we got done giving what they deserve.Keep his ass locked up.He looks like a monster you can see it in his dead eyes.When he gets out he will kill a animal and even humans.we don’t need this kind of evil walking around free.I really hope someone kills him.

  15. Sharon Perkins says:

    How sad that someone would hurt a defenseless animal someone needs to slam you don’t worry you will get yours glad the dog will be OK

  16. Leslie says:

    If that was one of my shih Tzu I would see that he would not make to his hearing…No joke! I hope he rots in hell! Hope this sweet baby makes a speedy recovery!

  17. Catherine Wagstaff says:

    Something bad always happens to evil gits I hope one day he gets the kicking he deserves..I have a shitzu he is so so loved and wouldn’t let anyone near him or else ..I hope he gets locked up a very long time .so so angry ????????????????????????

  18. Suzie says:

    As a proud owner of 5 Shih Tzus who’s natures are just like children I would love to spend 10 mins with this disgusting vile monster.. I have said many times before it’s the Law and its lack of severe punishments fault that continues to let people abuse Animals in horrific ways, the Law needs to be changed If a person can harm an innocent animal that have no means of defence these bastards can harm children and they need dealt with harshly and not just a slap on the wrist and a measly fine. They need Jailed, until then sadly animal abuse will continue to go on.

  19. Rebecca says:

    And that is why I leave my baby with no one not even family. If she can’t come with us we stay home. My shih tzu is my baby and to see this makes me literally want to grab that kid by the neck and strangle him. Than bury his body where no one will ever find him. He’s one lucky kid that was not my dog I would of killed him no doubt about it. Shame in the company for not doing a background check there employee.

    • Dog says:

      This is exactly why I would never leave my dog/cat at a boarding facility or vets office. I would never trust anyone but a trusted family member to watch my

  20. Cathy Rolley says:

    Suzie I agree with you totally.we need to make our punishments for these evil worthless cowards severe to show others that this will not be tolerated.If we locked them up for good no second chances no bullshiting around, then there would be less evil running loose.They should have a special prison just for animal abusers and then starve them and let them eat each other.I would also like to have ten minutes with this worthless coward, I would love to give the scum what he deserves.Fuck him up.

  21. Gail says:

    How did the owners of this place not see this??do they not check the tape regularly?? Did they do background checks?? Now people that have left there animals here have to check and see if their animal was abused. There are really fucked up people out there. In these places there should be no closed places for abuse to take place. Also I would beat this basturds brains in.

  22. Dog says:

    This is why I would NEVER board my dog at a vet or at a boarding facility. Would you leave a toddler with a stranger and go on vacation? It makes no sense to me that someone would leave their dog at a facility and go on vacation. Because even if you know the vets office or the people at the boarding facility, they are still essentially strangers. Meaning, they are not family. Dogs/cats cannot speak for themselves. They can’t say things like “the vet’s office forgot to give me my medicine,” “they didn’t take me out all day,” “they didn’t feed me today.” How do you know that the facility is doing what you need them to do? Then, when you go to pick the dog up and you ask “how did he do?” Do you think the vet or boarding facility would tell the truth and say “he was in a fight with another dog” or “we forgot to give him the special food you left with him.” The facility is going to say “he did great” “he had so much fun” “he was a good boy.” Do you think the facility would tell the truth. I wouldn’t leave a child with someone who was not a close family member that I trust. There is no way I would leave my pet, who can’t speak for herself, with a vet/boarding facility. At least with an older child, they can tell the parent if there is a problem at the school or day care. But a pet cannot say “these employees are not the so-called animal lovers you think they are.”


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