Two men in truck killed a dog in Anna

Dog dead after men in truck fire gun at owner’s home

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A dog was killed when men in a truck fired a gun towards the dog’s owner’s home in Anna, Texas. The Collins County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release about the cruel incident on Friday, seeking information from the public about the men who are behind the cruel shooting.

According to the sheriff’s office, two men were inside of a white single cab pickup truck on January 24; the truck was parked near the victim’s home. Around 4 p.m., the authorities were alerted to a report of shots being fired at the two dogs living at the victim’s home on County Road 368. The targeted dogs included a Great Pyrenees and a Saint Bernard – the Saint Bernard, named “Chico,” did not survive after a bullet struck his neck.

Anyone with information about this cruelty case is asked to call Investigator Lanier at 972-547-5182 or submit a tip to the Collin County Sheriff’s Office website.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    No we don’t need gun laws do we. It’s ok for people who do this sort of thing to have guns so they can use your pets for target practice. I hope they find these low lives they need to answer for this.

  2. Cathy Rolley says:

    Those aren’t men,they are nothing but chicken shit cowards.only lowlife scummy cowards shoot at innocent animals.when I was a kid men got in fistfights or cussed someone out and walked away,nowadays these worthless cowards all they know how to do is pull out a gun and shoot an innocent dog because they are too stupid and worthless cowards to figure out a manly way to handle a grudge.That poor dog didn’t do anything to deserve that.I hope they catch you scumbags and throw you in prison and I the guys in prison stick a pitchfork up your ass every single day.Then let’s see how brave you then.So Sad for this poor dog.I hope they catch those lowlifes soon.


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