Petersburg Police asking public’s help finding man accused of torturing 3 puppies

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In a disturbing case of animal abuse, the Petersburg Police in Petersburg, Virginia are asking for the public’s help finding the man accused of torturing three puppies.  Brandon M. Gillie, 26, is wanted for mutilating, torturing and killing the puppies.

According to WricNews, the case dates back to April 2016 when authorities were called to the rear of Gillie’s vacant trailer home, in what the police have stated, as one of the cruelest cases of animal torture they have ever seen.  Detective Thomas Ewers, with the Petersburg Police Department, describes the unimaginable abuse:

“He forced them to swallow several items, including fire crackers and poison. He cut their bodies open, and when he cut their bodies open, he also tried to glue it back together. He put glue over the dogs’ faces, including their muzzle, I guess in an attempt keep the dogs from being loud or trying to suffocate them.”

The pups were dismembered and mutilated while they were still alive; authorities believe the unbelievable cruelty went on for several hours. Gillie’s girlfriend found the bodies of the puppies and called police. Necropsies of the dogs revealed the puppies’ stomachs contained over the counter and prescription medications, as well as insecticides. News station Wtvr6, reported the puppies were also burned.

Gillies is a white male, age 26, 5’10”, and weighs 170 pounds. Gillie is wanted for three counts of animal cruelty and three counts of killing livestock.  Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Solvers at (804) 861.1212.

Rest in peace little puppies. Help these little ones who never had a chance at life find justice.

(Photo of Gillies courtesy of Petersburg Police)

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41 replies
  1. Linda Patton says:

    He must be found and removed from society. He is a vile human who has no regard for life, he lacks compassion, he is a direct child of Satan. He must go to prison for at messy 25 years, his crimes are beyond words or imagination. Please find this person ASAP and lock him up for the safety of all living beings in our world!

  2. Edward Nagle says:

    if you genius do .ot get this low life pos .ext time it is goi.g to be child lets have fun with him ready first we have swlow 100 percent sufuric acid and then we take a razzor blade and give blade guts then we get fire ants and watch them eat alive you know like he did to those defendless puppies then we take dry ice and burn his retinas out so he could never harm a innocent animal again then we take pit bulls tjat have been starved for week throw him into the ring and of course we get the puppies parentsand they get to watch the excuation of there babbies killer what do you i was to easy on ps i thought so to

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    La prison serait bientrop douce pour ce résidu de capote, lui faire les mêmes souffrances qu’il a fait à ces pauvres bébés et le laisser crevé.

  4. Mary Ann Clark says:

    I wish he could feel the pain and agony that he inflicted on these poor puppies! At the very least he should be executed immediately!

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    This is sickening! This monster must be found and removed from society before he starts on humans! Those poor little puppies suffered such horrible abuse at the hands of this POS! One of the articles above said his girlfriend called the police but now she isn’t cooperating. She better come to her senses chances are if he is out there, she may be next!

    • pennysdachshund says:

      Petersburg Virginia Police force Officers have to have the KNOWLEDGE and PROFILING EXPERIENCE to be FULLY AWARE this PSYCHOTIC< DEMONIC<DEMENTED>> Next the will be finding bodies buried dismembered and tortured, have missing youth, homeless, possibly elderly showing up or reported missing. along with peoples pets!!! This Demon Thrives on watching the pain and suffering of the helpless, that ONLY HE has “THE POWER AND CONTROL OVER” The need to bring the girlfriend in and show her photos of the torcher previous PSYCHOPATHIC KILLERS have committed as SHE MAY WELL BE one of his next victims!!!!

      • pennysdachshund says:

        I FORGOT to SAY LOOK up Jeffrey Dahmer!!!! See that HE TOO started with Maiming, torture and Killing of small animals…. JUST look at what he progressed to and the TORTURE, PAIN & SUFFERING That HOMICIDIAL PSYCHOPATH inflected upon his VICTIMS!!!! VIRGINIA has to PUT ALL RESOURCES into finding and DEALING with this NATIONAL THREAT to HUMAN LIVES!!!

  6. Carole says:

    Kill this ugly POS. No deals, wrist slaps or stupid judges. This guy deserves to be dismembered while alive. Stuff glue up his nose and fill his mouth, then cut off every thing that hangs off his body.

  7. Cathy Rolley says:

    Turn him over to all of us who posted and we will give him what he deserves, if you stupid people let him off easy then you should rot right next to him.I agree the girlfriend needs to corporate otherwise he will get her next.They ought to torture this piece of shit starting with his balls and keep torturing him.Those poor innocent puppies.I hope they get him soon .Anyone who would do this to little puppies is a worthless evil evil coward.You don’t have the balls to try this on someone bigger and tougher than you cause a coward.A fucking no good coward.Brave people don’t hurt torture animals.Get this prick off the street.So sad for the puppies.God will take care of you now and you will be loved.No more pain.Please someone kill this scum and plead self defense.No one will miss him.

  8. Cathy Rolley says:

    I totally agree with Barkley mom and penny .This monster will prey on humans next .They start off with HELPLESS animals and then move on to humans.GET HIM OFF THE STREETS and KEEP HIM LOCKED UP.I HOPE HIS GIRLFRIEND COMES TO HER SENSES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE KILLS HIM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE BEFORE HE KILLS AGAIN.SAY IT WAS SELF Defense You Were Scared For your life.GET THIS COWARD and KILL HIM before he gets some STUPID PLEA BARGAIN.

  9. Bill Dragpo says:

    What a poor excuse of a human being must be stopped be for he continues on his sick path, may God comfort all who suffer from the actions of this sad individual, he must pay for his deeds

  10. vicki hood says:

    I fear street justice will happen. My hope is a very long prison sentence where there are a lot of Bubbas. Disgust for this sewer scum is over the top. Please find and incarcerate this maggot crap. Look hard and turn him in.

  11. Walter Sury says:

    I hope the police find him first… He will have the time of his (LIFE) When the other inmates find out what he did to those poor defenseless pups. He deservers the worst. If there is a place worse then HELL that should be his new home for eternity.


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