Update on rescue of emaciated bulldog Samson at Miami shelter

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Early Sunday morning, a plea went out for the urgent rescue of a sick and emaciated bulldog at Miami-Dade Animal Services. The abuse and neglect the dog, dubbed Samson had endured was horrifying.samson-miami-saved

As the Pet Rescue Report described the bulldog’s condition and the urgency of his situation, Samson’s posted photos went viral as advocates shared his desperate plight. And by Sunday afternoon, the six-year-old tired and severely ill dog’s miracle appeared. Rescued by No Paw Left Behind, this defeated pooch, who has been severely neglected for an extended period of time, will begin his new life.

“Samson is extremely emaciated, dehydrated, has sarcoptic mange, infections in his eyes and ears and many more medical issues. Please help us raise the funds to cover his vet bills,” posted No Paw Left Behind on their Facebook page.

Donations can be made via Paypal: nopawleftbehind@gmail.com. Checks can be sent in the mail to No Paw Left Behind, P.O Box 11352 W SR 84 #33 Davie, Florida 33325. Please honor pledges. Many thanks to advocates everywhere who helped share Samson’s story; sharing saves lives.

(Photos via No Paw Left Behind)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    A 38 Slug would be too compassionate For The COMPLETE MONSTER that abused this Dog. The More Horrific Issues I read in that Good Old Sunshine Retirement State of Orange Juice and Disney World the LESS RESPECT I PERSONALLY HAVE FOR a GREAT PORTION of THE POPULATION … The Butcher of Horses and consuming the Meat! Total Neglect of Shelter Dogs and Euthanasia of strays within a day of being in the shelter, The horrific condition of numerous shelters, dumping of thousands of dogs in the Red Desert Area there to die slow and horrible deaths!!! My God I really wouldn’t mind if the Whole STATE Fell into the Ocean!!! MARCO RUBIO HASN<T HELPED ONE DAMN BIT EITHER!!!!

  2. María C. Feliciano says:

    My Lord.. How is it that this is happening? Well I already know the answer, is just that it keeps surprising me how cruel mankind can be. It’s such a shame! My heart hurts with all this injustice situations. I thank you for all you hardwork. God bless you all infinitely.

  3. Tanya Smith says:

    Animal rights, laws & the penalties for breaking them need to become harsher & matters of animal abuse, neglect, torture or murder need to be taken more seriously by the courts, as well as the public. It is my firm belief that because the courts are not taking these matters serious enough, that ppl should be able to reprimand the abusers with their own justice on the behalf of these poor animals! Anyone who can do harm to an animal is no worth the space in this what their body takes, the air they breathe & so on. They are spineless, cowardly & deserve to be nothing but maggot food, then completing the cycle & becoming maggot shit!


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