Pony’s legs wobble as he is forced to bear weight of 2 girls in sex video

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A recently released video filmed in the Netherlands has animal advocates furious as a Shetland pony’s legs wobble as he is forced to bear the weight of two girls in a sex fetish video. According to the Daily Star, police have started an official investigation into the alleged abuse.

The tiny pony nearly buckles over from the weight of the two women after they jump on him, as he is forced to trot around in circles gasping for breath. With the women scantily dressed, they reportedly had been filming the video for an online community of sexual deviants. When advocates came across the disturbing video of the pony struggling to stay on his feet, authorities were alerted.  A spokesman for the police stated:

“We already spoke with the women , and will soon talk again with them about their role in the video. Probably the video was recorded a while earlier. Because such videos can still cause a big outrage, we ask people to respect our investigation and not to search for the suspects themselves.”

The women’s names were identified on social media. Let’s hope this innocent pony is unharmed and will be removed from its current situation soon.shetland-pony-abused

(Photos of pony’s legs wobble via the Daily Star screenshot)

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  1. pennysdachshund says:

    These Girl’s Need Help from a Rescue Group the same a the poor mistreated Pony…. All three will be ABUSED, USED and MISTREATED by these vile PUKES in this industry of Sex Slaves, and Animal misuse… All will be raped, drugged and more than likely Killed in the END!!!

  2. Darla says:

    I had a Shetland pony when I was a child. This makes me sick that he’s forced to bear the weight of these two perverts. I hope he’s okay.


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