Gracious old street dog nearly killed by flesh eating worms

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A gracious old street dog, who regularly roamed a rural area of India where poverty abounds and many local residents barely have enough food for themselves, the dying pooch took refuge in the corner of a bathroom in a family’s private home. So often, dogs know it’s their time to die and seek refuge in a quiet place; this old pup was dying from flesh eating worms. dylan-the-dog-4

Fortunately the homeowners called Animal Aid Unlimited – a rescue center, hospital and sanctuary for injured and ill street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. When volunteers arrived, they found Dylan hiding in the corner. His ear was shredded and was being painfully eaten away by maggots. In a few more days, the flesh eating worms would have invaded his brain – killing him slowly in an agonizing death. dylan-the-dog-5

And to a dog’s time honored instinct to trust human compassion, the friendly dog recognized his rescuers as wanting to help him; as sick as he was, Dylan wagged his tail in a friendly greeting. Wrapped in a blanket and rushed back to the rescue, he was sedated and his gaping wounds and severe maggot infestation were washed away. Because his ear had become badly infected and necrotic, veterinarians had to remove it, but watch Dylan’s amazing recovery.dylan-the-dog-7

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(Photos of flesh eating worms via Animal Aid Unlimited)

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  1. Not sure I can watch, even knowing he survives. Just the still photo is hard to see. Thank God for Animal Aid Unlimited. They are angels on earth in a desolate area that has little help available for animals in need. Thank you good people of AAU.


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