5 despicable youths arrested for dragging dog behind motorcycle

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In Pune, India, five despicable youths in an ultimate act of depravity, were arrested on Friday after two local residents witnessed the teens attacking a white dog in the nearby village of Sus for no known reason. According to the Times of India, the boys beat the dog until he bled profusely and became unconscious. The heartless culprits then tied a rope around the defenseless dog’s neck, attached it to one of their motorcycles and dragged the injured pup more than a mile until they left it in a spot outside of the village.

According to the Hinjewadi Police Department, senior inspector Arun Waykar stated the young men are residents of the village.

“We do not know why the youths killed the dog so brutally, but prima facie we suspect that it may have chased some of them when they were on their motorcycles, Waykar stated.

Animal advocate and activist, Anson Palakkal reported the boys have been booked under the provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 and various sections of the Bombay Police Act. The dog was suspected to have been just five years old. According to Jammu Links News,  two women software engineers  witnessed the killing and narrated the heartbreaking situation to Palakkal via his cellphone.

When is India going to do something about all of this animal cruelty? Rest in peace sweet dog; you deserved better.

(Photo of despicable youths via India Today)

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6 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    India can start enforcing its animal cruelty laws at last. Scum like this needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately the law won’t do to this filth what needs to be done- eradication / pest control.

  2. Malena Strawn says:

    Never understand why people do this cruel stuff. I have 5 dogs and will not think twice about hurting those who hurt them. Over the years I have put myself into some bad situations against bad folks to save a dog from their abuse. Even looked down the barrel of a 38 while rescuing a chow pup. Please let’s get stricter laws on animal cruelty and enforce them

  3. Diana Rowell says:

    India is just as bad as North Korea, Russian and ALL Asian countries. These sub-human maggot ass wipes in charge only care about raping, beating, stealing and killing ANYONE or ANYTHING that is weak enough to be sadistically tortured and KILLED. Since MOST tourist don’t give a shit about NOT funding this madness, I pray the wrath of God finds this disgusting puke of a country with one natural disaster after another UNTIL 2/3 or more of this depraved population of devil spawned freaks are DEAD!


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