Dumped at high-kill shelter in critical condition and left to die

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For the stray, neglected and abandoned dogs tossed away in high-kill shelters with little chance of rescue, comes Rescue Dogs Rock NYC. An organization that specializes in helping the throwaways, the medically neglected and the suffering; volunteers and staff provide the proper medical and psychological care helping these dogs to heal.

And so arrived Ranger – rescued on Monday after an unnamed heartless human dumped him like trash and left him to die. As rural shelters can not afford veterinary care for “pit bulls” and “mutts,” Ranger would have continued to suffer or would have been euthanized. That’s when Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, stepped in to help. By late Monday afternoon, Ranger was on his way to an emergency vet for treatment.

“Shelters do not have the capacity to treat dogs like Ranger,” explained Jackie. “The focus of our rescue is to help dogs like Ranger who have absolutely no hope of survival without us to step in. Ranger has been rushed to our vet hospital for life saving medical care … Ranger’s face and neck are so swollen he can not move his head, and he is in severe pain and shock.”

As with so many of fortunate dogs who have graced the page of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, often their actual rescues have been leaps of faith, but it is hoped, just seeing his photo, watching his short video and participating in the passion of the organization to save the “underdogs,” that another life will be made whole again.

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Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Monday, October 3, 2016


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