Puppy injured

Puppy severely burned with chicken grease

A puppy, severely burned with chicken grease, is recovering from her wounds at the Danville Area Humane Society in Virginia. On September 30, the shelter updated Facebook followers about the heartbreaking situation:

Tragically, though the bad news is really bad. Someone threw hot chicken grease on this sweet, adorable young pit bull mix. She has undergone a painful treatment today and may not survive.

The injured, young dog was initially discovered by a passerby who noticed two boys on Halifax Street, pulling the pup behind their bikes. When quizzed about what was going on, the good Samaritan was told that the puppy had been injured with hot chicken grease and they were trying to get her to a veterinarian for help, reported WSLS News.

The prognosis for the injured puppy was dire when she was first taken to an area veterinarian – in fact, it was not known if she would survive. Miraculously, on Monday, the shelter issued heartwarming news:

Are you ready for some stupendously wonderful news?? The little dog who was badly burned when hot chicken grease was thrown on her is going to survive! She is back at the shelter on medication, and she remains very sweet.

The puppy will become available for adoption on Wednesday. Find the Danville Area Humane Society on Facebook at this link.

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