Dying bear crushes skull of hunter who shot it in Russia

A 62-year-old Russian hunter was killed by the bear he shot from an elevated platform in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, According to Newsweek, the bear attacked the hunter as the man descended from the … Read More

Hunter banned from hunting for life after poaching in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports Justin Ernst, pled guilty to multiple charges of felony possession of a firearm, obtaining a hunting license when ineligible and three counts of illegally taking/ possessing whitetail deer. … Read More

20 wolves from Yellowstone National Park killed by hunters endangering the species

Park officials from the Yellowstone National Park in Billings, Montana have reported more wolves have been shot by hunters than in any other season in the past 25 years. Park officials are warning this amount … Read More

Coyote brought into wildlife rescue with paw stuck in illegal inhumane leg trap

At the Austin Wildlife Rescue, an adult coyote was brought to the organization late last week by Austin Animal Protection. The frightened animal was discovered cowering in a resident’s driveway hiding underneath a car … Read More

Hunters curious if buck, rescued from mass of string, can be shot

In mid-October, Utah wildlife officials learned that a mule deer was struggling with a mass of string tangled in his antlers. It is surmised that the buck may have had a run-in with a hammock, … Read More

Bear climbed tree hunter was in and bit him in the back

In Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, it would seem the bears have decided to go hunting for man instead of the other way around. One particular black bear climbed the tree a hunter was in and started … Read More

Suspected poacher likely trampled by elephant

Park officials believe that a deceased person found in a South African national park was fatally trampled by an elephant. On October 22, the Kruger National Park Tweeted about the discovery, and outlined their belief … Read More

An elderly woman raised a puppy unaware he was a wolf but this one saved her life

In a small village in Siberia, a retired woman enjoyed her privacy, but welcomed three tired strangers to her home as they passed through the area on their way back from hunting. With them, they … Read More

Governor of New Jersey says there will be no bear hunt this year

In a last minute effort to hold a bear hunt in New Jersey this fall, Governor Phil Murphy shot down an emergency order on Wednesday after the state’s Fish and Game Council approved the action.… Read More

Another lion lured out of protected Hwange National Park and killed with bow and arrow by American hunter

A lion has reportedly been killed by an American hunter after being lured out of the protected Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. If this all seems familiar, it is – in 2015 Cecil the lion … Read More