Cecil the Lion’s son, ‘Xanda’ killed by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe

Just two years after Cecil the Lion was killed by a big game trophy hunter from the United States, one of the lion’s cubs was shot dead in Zimbabwe a few days ago. The six-year-old lion named Xanda, who had been in the prime of his life, was shot and killed under similar circumstances as his father on the outskirts of Hwange National Park.

According to the Telegraph, Xanda’s death was discovered after his electronic collar monitoring the cat’s moves alerted Andrew Loveridge from the Department of Zoology at Oxford University. The Zimbabwean hunter who arranged the hunt, Richard Cooke, from RC Safaris, found the collar on the lion and turned it over to the researchers. Cooke has not announced the name of his client, however most lion hunters are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or South Africa.

“I fitted it last October,” stated Loveridge. It was monitored almost daily, and we were aware  that Xanda and his pride were spending a lot of time out of the park in the last six months, but there is not much we can do about that.”

According to authorities, the hunt was legal since Xanda was over six-years of age, and he was out of the protection of the park. It is hoped there will soon be a three-mile exclusion zone around the Hwange National Park, so that hunters would no longer accidentally shoot collared lions when they roam outside of the park. On the Facebook page of Lions of Hwange National Park came the devastating post about Xanda’s death:

“Today we heard that a few days ago, Xanda, the son of #CecilTheLionhas been shot on a trophy hunt by Zimbabwe PH Richard Cooke. Cooke also killed Xanda’s brother in 2015, he was only about 4 years old then. Xanda is still a young father at 6.2 years old and has several young cubs. We can’t believe that now, 2 years since Cecil was killed, that his oldest Cub #Xanda has met the same fate.

When will the Lions of Hwange National Park be left to live out their years as wild born free lions should…?”

At the time Cecil the Lion was killed, he had wandered close to the boundary when Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer paid $65,000 to shoot and kill the lion with a bow and arrow. Social media erupted when news of the beloved lion’s death was announced, and Palmer hid for weeks – including temporarily having to suspend his dental practice.

Cecil and his pure magnificent stature brought smiles and admiration from across the world. The 13-year-old lion did not die immediately that awful night he was shot, and suffered for hours until he was tracked down and killed the next day. Palmer was originally charged for illegally hunting the lion, however charges were later dropped.

Rest in peace Xanda. Why does man have to hunt for fun? Didn’t Xanda have the right to live his life too? Tell us what you think.

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(Photos of Xanda screenshot by Picasa and Facebook Lions of Hwange National Park)

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Wildlife fights back – hunter captures heart stopping moment on video

A hunter captured the heart-stopping moment that wildlife in the Fire River area of Ontario, Canada, fought back. Richard Wesley was on a spring bow hunting outing when he caught sight of a bear in the distance.

Wesley did not shoot at the approaching animal, who ambled in the distance. Suddenly, the seemingly peaceful co-existence changed and the bear charged directly at Wesley.

According to RT.com, Wesley is an experienced hunter and he knew that bears will sometimes bluff when they charge, so he stood his ground and screamed – the camera falls to the ground and for an instant, the man’s fate is unknown.

Moments later, Wesley picks up the camera and it is apparent that he is miraculously unscathed. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on May 22, includes a few words about the frightening encounter:

I am so happy after this confrontation with a black bear during our spring hunt. No wounds except a bruised elbow and ego where the bear threw me down. Genuinely happy that this was a non fatal or tragic outcome. Proving that the black bear is a wild and unpredictable animal. Again so happy with the outcome.

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Kill a coyote in exchange for free hunting license in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is calling it the Georgia Coyote Challenge where the state is inviting people to hunt or trap coyotes to win a prize.  Humane advocates are outraged and call the hunting and trapping of the animals as cruel and absolutely inhumane. The challenge begins in March and goes to the end of August; the winner of the challenge will receive a free lifetime hunting license. On the organization’s website, the details are explained. No guidelines as to the humane killing or trapping of the animals are mentioned:

“Each coyote killed, up to five (5) a month per hunter/trapper, will earn an entry into a monthly drawing for a lifetime license (or equal credit for purchase of hunting/fishing licenses)*.

Currently, scientific research suggests that removal of coyotes during the spring and summer is the most advantageous time to reduce the impact of predation on native wildlife. We want to encourage coyote removal efforts during this critical period.”

For the last ten years, the Atlanta Coyote Project has been documenting and tracking coyotes in the Atlanta area and contend the hunt coincides with pup-rearing season where both the male and female are involved in raising and feeding their offspring. If the killing is initiated and both parents are killed, the puppies will all starve to death or be attacked by other predators. According to the Atlanta Coyote Project’s Facebook, the state agency’s mission is to “sustain, enhance, protect and conserve Georgia’s natural, historic and cultural resources” and to sponsor such a program is reprehensible. Although  the Coyote Challenge  refers to coyotes as “non-native predators,” and experts agree the animals are relatively recent immigrants into the southeastern United States, coyotes have come to the area  because humans have killed all of the native wolves.

“Killing predators leads to unintended ecological consequences. Past efforts to eradicate wolves have clearly shown this,” state the organization.

In addition, the Atlanta Coyote Project states the following:

“Hard data showing that coyotes significantly impact the populations of other wildlife species is scant to nonexistent. Recent studies in South Carolina concluded that the negative impact of coyotes on deer populations is minimal (Kilgo et al., 2016). Secondly, we do not believe that coyote “removal” will reduce the population long-term. More than likely, it will lead to an INCREASE in coyote numbers over time as competition is reduced and a resurgence occurs. To see the ineffectiveness of lethal control as a wildlife management strategy, one needs to look no further than the estimated 70,000 coyotes that are killed each year by the USDA’s Wildlife Services.”

The Atlanta Coyote Project is working with state legislators to ban this type of hunting challenge, which they say other states have done. For more information or to contact the Georgia  Department of Natural Resources, click here.

(Photo courtesy of Atlanta Coyote Project)

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Inauguration fundraiser: Hunting trip with the Trump sons for $1 million

For one million dollars, there’s the opportunity to start Donald Trump’s presidency off with a bang! Pony up the funds, and the day after the inauguration, a fundraiser entitled “Opening Day,” Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric are offering a multi-day hunting or fishing trip. According to TMZ,  the event will celebrate hunters, shooters and fishermen – at least for the rich citizens who helped him win.

TMZ obtained a draft of the invite for “Opening Day,” which is planned be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in D.C.

Up to 16 people can join in the inauguration celebration; the attire for the fundraiser is described as “camouflage and cufflinks… jeans, boots and hats are welcome” and all proceeds will go to conservation charities although no specific organizations slated to receive the funds have been cited. Trump’s sons have always enjoyed big game hunting and have come under the ire of animal advocates and social media in the past. One especially disrespectful photo garnering criticism as to the lack of respect for hunting and their prey, included Eric Trump posing with a dead water buffalo in Zimbabwe sporting three rifles and a hat propped upon one of the animal’s antlers.


In the past Trump stated his kids love to hunt. A photo of his sons holding up a dead  cheetah sparked more online anger in the past.

Just in case you don’t have a million dollars to fork over for this event, here are some less expensive options. After all, Trump is listening and thanking all those needing a job and the middle class Americans who voted for him:


Bald Eagle: $1million 

Private reception and photo opportunity for 16 guests with President Donald J. Trump, four autographed guitars by an Opening Day 2017 performer, multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for 4 guests with Donald Trump, Jr. and/or Eric Trump, and team, 85 VIP guest tickets, access to VIP Lounge, 200 General Admission guest tickets

Grizzly Bear: $500,000 

Private reception and photo opportunity for 8 guests with President Donald J. Trump, two autographed guitars by an Opening Day 2017 performer, Multi-day hunting and/or fishing excursion for two guests with Donald Trump, Jr. and/or Eric Trump, and team, 45 VIP guest tickets, 90 General Admission guest tickets

ELK: $250,000

Private reception and photo opportunity for four guests with Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric Trump + One autographed guitar by an Opening Day 2017 performer, 20 VIP guest tickets, 40 General Admission guest tickets

MARLIN: $100,000 

Eight VIP guest tickets, 16 General Admission guest ticket


Four VIP guest tickets, eight General Admission guest tickets

WILD TURKEY: $25,000

 2 VIP guest tickets 4 General Admission guest ticket

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(Photos of Trump hunting via Facebook)







Hunter faces felony animal cruelty in deaths of 2 dogs

In Belmont County, Ohio, a hunter who shot and killed a man’s beloved two dogs is facing felony animal cruelty charges of prohibitions concerning companion animals. According to WtovNews, on Wednesday, charges will be filed against Mike Chedester, 59, of St. Clairsville, at which time he will be required to appear in court.belmont-man-to-face-charges

Pete Byers, the owner of the two dogs named Bella and Emmy was just about to leave for work when the dogs disappeared. Tragically it was the opening day of gun season, and Byers was terrified that something could have happened to the dogs. After an hours-long search of yelling the dogs’ names and with friends using their four-wheelers to  aid in the search, one of the men reported hearing gun shots and a dog yelping.  Byers followed the trail and came up to Chedester and his tree stand.

And there he found five-year-old Emmy, a Weimaraner and six-year-old Bella, a Doberman. Both dogs were dead as their lifeless bodies laid in the brush; their bloodied paws sticking up out of the weeds. Byers called the Belmont County Sheriff’s Department.15230798_10210226159029032_7990031624787634406_n

The charges stem from the  Goddard’s Law, which became effective in Ohio on September 13. The law makes it a fifth degree felony to knowingly cause serious physical harm to a companion animal. If convicted, Chedester could be sentenced to the maximum of 12 months on each count or 24 months consecutively.

Meanwhile, Byers is left dealing with the grief of his two loyal and loving companions. Rest in peace Emmy and Bella.

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(Photos of felony animal cruelty Pete Byers’ dogs Facebook)

Hunter impaled by dead elk’s antler

A hunter was impaled by the dead elk’s antler he had just killed, after crashing his ATV on Saturday as he made his way back to camp. According to KatuNews, Gary Heeter, 69, of Bend, Oregon had been out hunting with his friends in the Maury Mountains.

As Heeter dragged the elk’s body behind his ATV and started the climb up a steep hill, the front of his vehicle flipped over sending Heeter backyards directly into the elk’s antler. Members of the hunting party applied emergency first aid to control the bleeding. Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Seaney called for Crook County Fire and Medical to help until an emergency medical helicopter was able to transport Heeter to the hospital.

Heeter is currently listed in stable condition at the St. Charles Hospital in Bend.

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(Photo of hunter impaled from the Crook County Sheriff’s Office)