Coyote brought into wildlife rescue with paw stuck in illegal inhumane leg trap

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At the Austin Wildlife Rescue, an adult coyote was brought to the organization late last week by Austin Animal Protection. The frightened animal was discovered cowering in a resident’s driveway hiding underneath a car with his paw stuck in an illegal and very inhumane leg trap.

“WHEREAS, City Code section 3-2-4 bans all persons from knowingly
shooting, killing or hunting a wild animal or using a steel jawed spring trap or
any other type of trap that could injure a trapped animal or person, with
exceptions made only for City employees acting within their duties and those
issued a permit by the Parks and Recreation or Watershed Protection
Departments; and
WHEREAS, in February 2014, the Animal Advisory Commission
(AAC) provided recommendations related to coyote conflict management;

Austin Texas gov

The coyote had a serious wound on his leg as a result of the trap, but surprisingly no bones were broken. He has been cleaned and stitched and remains resting, on antibiotics and pain medication. He is now becoming more alert and feeling better.

“We know not everyone loves coyotes, but they are a keystone species and an important part of the ecosystem.”

Austin Wildlife Rescue

Coyotes generally avoid humans, but where humans have left food out and is readily available for wild animals, it only makes sense these wild animals have become more familiar encroaching on or near populated communities. It is advised, in areas where coyotes have been known to roam, to avoid feeding them directly, don’t let pets run loose, and keep backyards locked and secure. If approached by a coyote, which is quite rare, don’t aggravate the animal and try to scare it away.

We do need to share our planet with wild animals too.

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