New York state trooper discovers wandering elephant while on patrol

Imagine the surprise New York State Trooper Sgt. Dave Scott must have felt after a call came in on Sunday night referencing a wandering elephant in Westtown.

Public Information Officer for Trooper Steven Nevel told … Read More

Elephants forced to perform underwater tricks at Thailand Zoo

Exhausted elephants continue to be forced to perform underwater tricks at a zoo in Thailand. The disturbing footage has gone viral sparking outrage among animal advocates throughout the world.

According to the Daily Mail, … Read More

Nearly 90 elephants killed at Botswana sanctuary for their tusks

In a protected Botswana sanctuary, the bodies of 87 elephants, stripped of their tusks have been killed these past few weeks. According to the conservation group, Elephants Without Borders, five rare white rhinos were … Read More

Hunter shoots elephant in Zimbabwe fitted with radio collar

A huge bull elephant was shot dead by a Russian trophy hunter in Zimbabwe, even though the animal had been wearing a radio collar universally known as a research tag and considered unethical to shoot. … Read More

One elephant died and four others injured in circus truck crash

In a heart wrenching accident in Madrid, Spain on Monday, one circus elephant died and four more hurt are being treated for their injuries. The truck overturned on a highway linking Albacete with Murcia in … Read More

Scientists baffled after elephant caught on camera ‘smoking’

Scientists are baffled after catching a wild elephant on video “smoking” or at least blowing out plumes of smoke while eating smoldering charcoal lumps of wood. The female elephant was filmed in India at the … Read More

Trump administration reversing promise to ban elephant hunt trophies into US

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced that it will now consider permits for elephant hunt trophies from African nations on a “case by case basis” – reversing President Trump’s earlier promises to maintain a … Read More

Chinese rescuers save one-month-old baby elephant from ditch

On Sunday morning, Chinese rescue workers in southwest Yunnan Province saved a one-month-old baby elephant that had fallen into a ditch. According to the China Daily, the department of Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture’s press … Read More

Baby elephant used for ‘selfies’ dies one day after separated from mother

In Kurubarahandi, India, sightseers anxious to have “selfies” with a baby elephant that lost its mother died less than 24-hours later. According to the Express, excited villagers grabbed their cellphones – even as the … Read More

Man caught thrashing his dog with belt

Another viral video has animal advocates in India and across the world outraged at the cruelty towards a dog as his owner beats the animal mercilessly with a belt on the front lawn.

According to … Read More