Father arrested for dropping his child into elephant habitat at San Diego Zoo

In San Diego, a father who took his young child to the zoo and dropped the toddler into the elephant habitat on Friday has been arrested and charged with child endangerment and trespassing in a … Read More

Huge crowd laughs hysterically as they chase frightened elephant down street

In an appalling display of animal cruelty in India, a social media user on Twitter posted a disturbing video of an elephant being chased away by a group of local citizens. The video, tweeted by … Read More

Indian billionaire’s tacky tweet showing elephant dressed in jeans raises animal cruelty questions

An Indian billionaire businessman, who often shares his thoughts and photos on Twitter, has been receiving substantial backlash after sharing a photo of an elephant made to wear jeans and a t-shirt being led along … Read More

Mahouts tied elephant to tree and whipped her for disobeying caught on video

In Chennai, India, two mahouts tied a 19-year-old female elephant to a tree this week and purposely beat her on her legs while the defenseless pachyderm screamed out in pain. A video, taken by an … Read More

Gym owner shows off and sparks widespread rage filmed doing pull-ups on elephant’s tusks

A gym owner who decided to show off by doing pull-ups on an elephant’s tusks has sparked widespread rage after she was filmed on Sunday at a park in South Africa.

According to the Daily Read More

Rescue worker used CPR to revive baby elephant hit by motorcycle

In Thailand, an off duty rescue worker was called upon to help a baby elephant on Sunday after he was struck by a motorcycle while crossing a road with a herd of elephant in the … Read More

‘World’s loneliest elephant’ who spent 35 years in shackles finds new friend

The “world’s loneliest elephant” Kaavan, who has lived in captivity  at the Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo for the last 35 years shackled has been released. For the last eight years, Kaavan has lived alone since the … Read More

Elephant fell in well and rescuers spent 12 hours rescuing him

In India’s Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district, forest officials spent more than 12 hours on Friday rescuing an elephant that had fallen into a well. The pachyderm had strayed into the village from the neighboring forest … Read More

Locomotive pilot stops train to allow elephants to safely cross railroad tracks

The driver of a locomotive stopped the train he was piloting on Wednesday to prevent hitting a herd of elephants crossing railroad tracks in West Bengal, India.  A video of the incident was tweeted by … Read More

One-month-old baby elephant born at zoo died

A one-month-old baby elephant named Avi died on Sunday at the St. Louis Zoo after struggling with health problems. He was euthanized on Sunday and “passed away peacefully.”

According to the zoo’s press release, … Read More