Gym owner shows off and sparks widespread rage filmed doing pull-ups on elephant’s tusks

A gym owner who decided to show off by doing pull-ups on an elephant’s tusks has sparked widespread rage after she was filmed on Sunday at a park in South Africa.

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Rescue worker used CPR to revive baby elephant hit by motorcycle

In Thailand, an off duty rescue worker was called upon to help a baby elephant on Sunday after he was struck by a motorcycle while crossing a road with a herd of elephant in the … Read More

‘World’s loneliest elephant’ who spent 35 years in shackles finds new friend

The “world’s loneliest elephant” Kaavan, who has lived in captivity  at the Islamabad’s Marghazar Zoo for the last 35 years shackled has been released. For the last eight years, Kaavan has lived alone since the … Read More

Elephant fell in well and rescuers spent 12 hours rescuing him

In India’s Tamil Nadu’s Dharmapuri district, forest officials spent more than 12 hours on Friday rescuing an elephant that had fallen into a well. The pachyderm had strayed into the village from the neighboring forest … Read More

Locomotive pilot stops train to allow elephants to safely cross railroad tracks

The driver of a locomotive stopped the train he was piloting on Wednesday to prevent hitting a herd of elephants crossing railroad tracks in West Bengal, India.  A video of the incident was tweeted by … Read More

One-month-old baby elephant born at zoo died

A one-month-old baby elephant named Avi died on Sunday at the St. Louis Zoo after struggling with health problems. He was euthanized on Sunday and “passed away peacefully.”

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Baby elephant attacked by hyena losing his trunk rescued

In northern Kenya, a baby elephant who fell into an underground tank and tried to use his trunk to investigate the ground above, was attacked by a hyena who chewed it off.

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Pregnant elephant killed after eating a pineapple filled with firecrackers

A pregnant elephant died in a river as she desperately tried to ease the pain after she was fed a pineapple filled with firecrackers that exploded in her mouth. The disturbing torturous act occurred in … Read More

San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrates her 60th birthday

On Sunday, San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrated her 60th birthday; reaching an age more than ten years older than the average elephant.

And to celebrate the happy event, the zoo gave her a birthday … Read More

Man flogs crying elephant in head previous to Buddhist parade ritual

In a disturbing video, an elephant trainer straddled the back of an elephant in Sri Lanka in a river appearing to give him a bath before a ritual Buddhist parade. The man repeatedly beats the … Read More