San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrates her 60th birthday

On Sunday, San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrated her 60th birthday; reaching an age more than ten years older than the average elephant.

And to celebrate the happy event, the zoo gave her a birthday … Read More

Man flogs crying elephant in head previous to Buddhist parade ritual

In a disturbing video, an elephant trainer straddled the back of an elephant in Sri Lanka in a river appearing to give him a bath before a ritual Buddhist parade. The man repeatedly beats the … Read More

Two trophy hunters killed research elephant and destroyed science collar

In Gaberone, Botswana, the government has revoked the hunting licenses of two trophy hunters who shot and killed a research elephant and destroyed its science collar in order to hid the evidence.

According to the … Read More

Orphaned baby elephant roaming alone in national park rescued

No one knows how an orphaned baby elephant was separated from his family, but he was first spotted on Sunday morning in the area of Tsavo West National Park in Kenya. Somehow the two-month-old survived … Read More

Tragic update: Forced to parade Tikiiri emaciated elephant in Sri Lanka died

Just a few weeks prior, it had been the closing ceremonies of a Sri Lanka festival, where elephants dressed up in splendid finery and marched through the streets ending in a celebration full of noise, … Read More

Starving elephant photo goes viral: Sri Lanka withdraws her from parade

It was to be the closing ceremonies of a Sri Lanka festival on Thursday, where elephants are dressed up in splendid finery and marched through the streets ending in a celebration full of noise, fireworks … Read More

Photographer horrified at ‘elephants screaming in agony’ in India

A photographer was horrified when he witnessed elephants being abused, chained up and beaten with bamboo sticks to carry tourists in India at a wildlife reserve. Norman Watson had traveled to the popular Bandhavgarh National … Read More

Elephant herd have funeral procession as they cry over dead calf

In a viral video, an elephant herd had a funeral procession for a baby elephant as they wept and mourned the death of the newborn calf. The video, posted on Twitter by Indian Forest … Read More

Protesters demand release of lonely ‘Happy’ the elephant at NY Zoo

On Saturday, about 100 protesters rallied around “Happy” the elephant’s enclosure at the Bronx Zoo and demanded she be released to an animal sanctuary after living in isolation for the last 13 years. The group … Read More

Baby elephant tied to his mother collapses while mom gives tourist rides

A baby elephant, tied to his mother by a rope and chain, collapsed in exhaustion from the extreme heat while his mother gave rides to tourists in eastern Thailand late last week. The elephant calf, … Read More