Hunter banned from hunting for life after poaching in Michigan

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reports Justin Ernst, pled guilty to multiple charges of felony possession of a firearm, obtaining a hunting license when ineligible and three counts of illegally taking/ possessing whitetail deer. According to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Ernst has permanently been banned from hunting.

The Michigan DNR began investigating Ernst after having received a tip from state police officers several months ago. At the time Ernst had been involved in a domestic violence complaint at which time officers found nine trophy bucks in the barn.

Fox News reports Ernst has also been sentenced to serve 18 months to five months in prison and pay a $25,000 fine for reimbursement. He was also ordered to forfeit the nine illegally taken trophy bucks.

We’re satisfied that this criminal will be imprisoned for robbing ethical hunters, damaging crops and endangering others by recklessly driving through fields and shooting deer at night. We hope this serious sentence serves its intended purpose and are grateful for the strong message rendered by the 36th Circuit Court.

David Shaw from the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division
Michigan DNR photos

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