Rescue caring for puppy who has all of his teeth pulled out

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A Georgia rescue agency is caring for a puppy who is missing all of his teeth. The nine-month-old pup, dubbed Toothless, is with Royal Animal Refuge, who shared his story last week, writing:

We have sad but hopeful hearts today. We recently took in this sweet baby, his name is Toothless. Animal control let us know that this 9 month old boy had all of his teeth pulled out by someone. We could not say no to taking him in and he quickly stole all of our hearts.

Toothless is not only missing all of his teeth, but he is fighting the highly contagious and deadly parvovirus. The rescue group said:

He was immediately rushed to a vet and is now receiving medical care. Toothless is asking for positive thoughts to be sent his way.

As reported by Fox News, there is speculation that the pup’s teeth may have been removed by people who hoped to subject him to being a “bait dog” for dogfighting. The director of the rescue group tells the news agency, “The vet told us it was not a professional job.”

Despite the pain this pup has been subjected to, he still has a loving demeanor. You can help support the rescue group as they care for him by making a donation to the rescue group at this link to their website.

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