20 wolves from Yellowstone National Park killed by hunters endangering the species

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Park officials from the Yellowstone National Park in Billings, Montana have reported more wolves have been shot by hunters than in any other season in the past 25 years. Park officials are warning this amount of lost wolves may be endangering the future of the species in the area.

According to the APNews, it is believed only 94 wolves are still alive in the park and reflects a significant reduction to the wolf population. Wolves labeled as the Phantom Lake Pack are believed to have all been killed since October. While wolf hunting is prohibited at the national park, wolves that have wandered out of the park often are hunted and killed. The 20 wolves were from Yellowstone and had been hunted in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

Wolf trapping in Montana opened December 21. Hunters are permitted to use bait such as meat to lure the wolves and are also allowed to use snares in addition to leghold traps. How many of the wolves are being intentionally lured out of the park protected area?

Wolves of the Rockies is at Yellowstone National Park.

 Nearly 28% of Yellowstone National Park wolves have been slaughtered since September 4. We are calling on the USFWS to implement an immediate Emergency Relisting of wolves. The carnage must end. Join the fight to #relistwolves at relistwolves.org!

As of December 10, 2021, 452 wolves have been slaughtered in Idaho by hunters and wildlife services. Reporting is somewhat delayed as Idaho only disclosed this information through public records requests. Between Idaho, Wisconsin, & Montana nearly 1,000 wolves have been killed (that we are AWARE of).

Facebook Wolves of the Rockies

In Montana, 150 wolves have been killed this season with 62 of the animals coming from Yellowstone. There are no wolf killing quotas in Montana. Wolf hunting regulations have been relaxed in many states because of complaints about wolves attacking live stock and big game herds. Montana’s wolf hunting season is not over, and it is expected more wolf killings to occur.

Now the United States Fish and Wildlife Service is being called on to reconsider if federal endangered species protections should be restored for wolves in the areas of the Rockies.

Photo: screenshot via Yellowstone National Park FB

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