Bear climbed tree hunter was in and bit him in the back

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In Trempealeau County, Wisconsin, it would seem the bears have decided to go hunting for man instead of the other way around. One particular black bear climbed the tree a hunter was in and started to bite him.

According to Kare11News, Dalton Roach, 25, had been hunting for deer when he saw the 300-pound bear approach.

“It’s definitely not totally uncommon for a bear to go into a tree with a hunter. But the fact that he actually started gnawing on me and stuff like that was a little abnormal.”

Dalton Roach to 9News

Roach started videoing the bear he called “curious” before it climbed up into the tree where Roach had been waiting in the deer stand. As the bear approached, Roach started to yell and holler for the bear to leave. The bear lingered for more than a half-hour before he wandered off. Roach quickly left the tree and hurried back to his vehicle a quarter-mile to his truck, remaining on the phone with his friend.

Roach was lucky, although it is rare for bears to come in contact with people. Now bears are stocking up on food ahead of hibernation time, but if faced with a similar kind of predicament what Roach did by making a lot of noise and backing away are the best methods to escape harm.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources report four people have been hurt in bear attacks between 2013 and 2018 in the state. There have been no fatalities.

As for Roach, he needed a trip to the emergency room where he received the rabies vaccine, but it’s all fair in the forest – ‘somedays you get the bear and somedays the bear gets you.’

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