Dog’s family kicked him out calling him a stray and now as longest resident at shelter will lose his life

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When Cheerio entered the Rockdale County Animal Shelter in Georgia, his former “family” stated they found him as a stray and just didn’t want him. According to neighbors, however, Cheerio had been their pet, but once he grew up and lost that adorable puppy “cuteness” he was not wanted anymore.

And it wasn’t long before Cheerio was brought to the shelter where he was justly terrified; the noises, the strangers and the bars confining him to a small kennel cage. What’s a young dog to think?

…They didn’t want you anymore and after kicking you outside said you were a random street dog.


Cheerio is not vetted at all; he has both a skin and ear infection and needs care and medication from a veterinarian.

This boy is friendly and loving. Check out his photos. Tragically, he is scheduled to be euthanized and it’s just not fair. He’s the longest resident at the Rockdale County Animal Shelter; the lack of funding and space limit the time a stray pet can survive.

Please share Cheerio’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

For more information, contact the shelter located at 1506 Rockbridge Rd NW, Conyers, Georgia. Call 770.278.8403 and reference ID#AC1890.

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