Can someone save my life today? Groucho Marx dreams of a home

Groucho Marx is a one-year-old puppy who loves to play with his toys. Tragically, his playtime will come to a sudden halt on  Saturday afternoon; the New York Animal Care Center in Manhattan has scheduled … Read More

Last night alive – young dog to be destroyed on Saturday

Update 8/14/17: Achilles has been saved!!

Achilles, the smiling dog currently being held at the New York Animal Care and Control Manhattan facility, has no idea that this is his last night to be alive. … Read More

Death row dog – former owner tied him to a pole and walked away

A handsome, tail-wagging, love-seeking dog has found himself in a life-or-death situation through no fault of his own. The dog, dubbed “Oscar,” was found tied to a pole in the Bronx (New York) and now … Read More

Beautiful ‘Angel’ on the list to be destroyed at busy animal control agency

A beautiful four-year-old dog named “Angel,” is desperately in need of help. Angel is being held at a busy animal control agency in Brooklyn, New York, and she is on the “list to be destroyed” … Read More

For months, senior dog has had zero interest – now he is on ‘the list’

Update: Rescued!!

For months (since October!!) a senior dog named Irving has been held at California’s Riverside Animal Control agency. In the time that Irving has been incarcerated (through NO fault of his own) he … Read More

Overlooked, out of time, time-stamped for death Jan. 9

A dog who volunteers refer to as “very sweet and gentle,” a dog who wants to love and be loved (especially cuddle time) has been slated for death. One volunteer wrote of interactions with this … Read More

After months, ‘volunteer favorite’ has been ‘red-listed’

After several months of being networked, a homeless dog at the Los Angeles Animal Services “Harbor Shelter,” in California, has been “red-listed.” Trixie, a five-year-old pit bull mix is so sweet that she has … Read More

Last call for Gigi – surrendered when owner went to college

Gigi had a home…and a family, but today she is alone and at great risk of being put down. According to Rescue Me Tampa, Gigi’s owner left for college and mom did not want Gigi … Read More

Terrified dog owner surrendered – must be out by Tues night

Update: Rescued by Canine Nation!

A terrified dog, described as a German shepherd mix, was owner surrendered to a Philadelphia animal control agency on October 8 and he is urgently in need of rescue or … Read More

Surrendered to high-kill shelter: Dog’s collar removed and replaced by a rope

He’s just a little guy with a tragic story. As his collar seems to have been removed and replaced by nothing more than a rope tied around his neck, a three-year-old Chihuahua will be very … Read More