Last night alive – young dog to be destroyed on Saturday

Update 8/14/17: Achilles has been saved!!

Achilles, the smiling dog currently being held at the New York Animal Care and Control Manhattan facility, has no idea that this is his last night to be alive. The four-year-old dog is on the “to be destroyed” list dated August 12, 2017.

Achilles is described as an easy-going, friendly dog who has captured the heart of volunteers. A volunteer wrote:

It was pouring, so I asked Achilles if he really wanted to go out in that mess, and his answer was a resounding ‘YES’. He’s such a good sport, seems to be housetrained, has lovely leash manners, and didn’t mind being tethered for pictures, even in the wet. He smiles, and every once in a while his upper lip gets caught in a tooth–talk about goofy-looking! Tail waggy and friendly, he pulls towards other dogs we see, ready to have a play date.

Good sport, house-trained and lovely leash manners are no match for kennel cough. Yes, Achilles has come down with the common virus which impacts so many shelter dogs – often the virus is enough to put an otherwise sweet dog on the list to be killed.

Achilles urgently needs help – the following information is for people who are interested in saving this dog’s life.

Facebook thread here.

For more information on adopting from the NYC AC&C, or to find a rescue to assist, please read the following:

If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions or email Our experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

More photos and additional information about Achilles at this link.

More news and updates on the National Animal News Facebook page.

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Death row dog – former owner tied him to a pole and walked away

A handsome, tail-wagging, love-seeking dog has found himself in a life-or-death situation through no fault of his own. The dog, dubbed “Oscar,” was found tied to a pole in the Bronx (New York) and now he is on death row at the New York Animal Care and Control facility in Manhattan.

Notes on Oscar’s pet profile explain how the abandoned dog was left by an apparently heartless former owner:

The Police were called and they were told by someone that the owner tied Oscar up and told them they didn’t want him anymore. The officers stated Oscar is nice but flinches a little when you go to pet him but he allowed them to untie him and Oscar jumped into their patrol car.

Now Oscar is among the dogs in danger of being put down – even though he has done nothing wrong. Volunteer notes explain this pint-sized pup’s personality, as observed in the shelter facility:

Full of the curious playfulness of puppyhood and all the trusting loyalty of a well-socialized pet, he’s keen to explore and to love on his people and makes for the most wonderful sharing-is-caring partner when it comes to games of fetch or tug. A cinch to leash, seemingly house trained and a breeze to walk (though he does literally stick to my side at times), Oscar meets other pups with friendly good manners no matter what their size. Toys, snacks and snuggles (in that order) are the things that make his world go round and when he offers up a pleading head-tilt it’s impossible not to shower him with treats and praise.

Oscar will make someone a wonderful companion – if that someone is found in time. Please help Oscar make it out of the facility alive by sharing his adoption information.

  • Full adoption information at NYC Urgent Pets on Death Row website here
  • OSCAR – A1104593
  • March 1: STATUS UPDATE *** This dog is on the list to be destroyed, and there is no time to waste. If you can foster/adopt, message the Urgent help desk at

National Dog News on Facebook at this link.

Beautiful ‘Angel’ on the list to be destroyed at busy animal control agency

A beautiful four-year-old dog named “Angel,” is desperately in need of help. Angel is being held at a busy animal control agency in Brooklyn, New York, and she is on the “list to be destroyed” for January 25. Angel arrived to the animal control agency on January 14, when her owner surrendered her because of a move to a home where she was not allowed.

Angel previously lived with children and she is described as good with other female dogs – according to volunteers, she is friendly and appears to be “very house-broken.” Angel is already spayed and she walks well on a leash. Though Angel has a list of strong attributes, she is out of time.

Out of time at busy animal control agency

Please help network this deserving dog’s information – she needs the help of strangers to make it out of this facility alive. Petharbor link here. Animal Care and Control of New York City – Brooklyn/Ask for information about animal ID number: A1101525

If you are local to the Tri-State, New England, and the general Northeast United States area, and you are SERIOUS about adopting or fostering one of the animals at NYC ACC, please read our MUST READ section for instructions, or email Our experienced volunteers will do their best to guide you through the process.

Read more about Angel at this link.

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For months, senior dog has had zero interest – now he is on ‘the list’

Update: Rescued!!

For months (since October!!) a senior dog named Irving has been held at California’s Riverside Animal Control agency. In the time that Irving has been incarcerated (through NO fault of his own) he has had zero interest, despite multiple attempts to promote him on social media.

On Monday, the Pet Rescue Report received a desperate plea to help save Irving from an untimely demise. The email request reads, “I’ve been desperately networking this poor old guy who’s been at the Riverside Shelter for 2 ½ months now and he is living day to day now, basically winning the shelter version of the hunger games everyday because he’s a such a sweetheart of a guy. I don’t know what else to do to get an adopter or rescue to take him. Irving has been at the shelter so long he’s starting to build a portfolio of PetHarbor photos.”

Irving’s advocate added:

The Riverside shelter obviously doesn’t want to kill him, but they are not a long-term facility, they are strictly animal control, and I was told by the staff that he is “extremely urgent” which is code for “any day now.”

Irving is still alive for one reason, and one reason only – the staff loves him. Despite the adoration of the animal control employees, the facility is not equipped to keep dogs forever (especially when there is a constant influx from people who are dumping their pets and the incoming strays).

You can help save Irving by taking a moment to share his adoption information – he is out of time and is relying on strangers to help.

Riverside Rescue Office 951-358-7302 or email to ADOPT or RESCUE IRVING (who is CODE RED) NOW!

Riverside Rescue Office 951-358-7302 or email

Petharbor link here.  ID#A1324877

Facebook thread here.

Overlooked, out of time, time-stamped for death Jan. 9

A dog who volunteers refer to as “very sweet and gentle,” a dog who wants to love and be loved (especially cuddle time) has been slated for death. One volunteer wrote of interactions with this beautiful brindle:

“Oh Ronda! What a sweet, cuddly, gentle girl. I would bring her home myself if I could. Ronda is an absolute cuddle queen–on our walks, every time I bend down even for a second, she immediately puts her head on my lap and snuggles up. She far prefers affection to running around, and will check in with me all the time while we’re walking.”

Unfortunately, the stress of life behind bars is taking a toll on Ronda – she has started to show signs of stress and mental deterioration. Sadly, the dog who wants to be loved has been overlooked and passed by and now, staff at the animal control agency has determined that she is on the list to be put down on January 9. Time has nearly run out for Ronda – but while she is alive, there is still help.

You can help Ronda by taking a moment to network her adoption information.

Shelter contact information:
Phone number (212) 788-4000 (automated only)
Brooklyn Shelter: 2336 Linden Boulevard Brooklyn, NY 11208

Facebook thread here.


Estimated to be 3 yrs old, 54 Lbs
I was found in NY 11208.
INTAKE Dec 10, 2016.



After months, ‘volunteer favorite’ has been ‘red-listed’

After several months of being networked, a homeless dog at the Los Angeles Animal Services “Harbor Shelter,” in California, has been “red-listed.” Trixie, a five-year-old pit bull mix is so sweet that she has become a favorite among volunteers, but their favor is not enough to keep her out of harm’s way.

A glowing description has been written about this lovely dog:

Trixie is easily one of the sweetest and most gentle dogs we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She’s a voluptuous and full-figured beauty who loves having her ample belly rubbed, and whose calm and gentle nature has already made her a volunteer favorite. She shares her kennel with another dog and appears to be dog-friendly.  Trixie is amazing.”

Because of a mass on one of Trixie’s legs, she is on “medical alert.” Please take a moment to help this dog find a rescue agency, or an adopter, before she runs out of time.

Facebook thread here.

Impound No. A1650794
Pit Bull Terrier mix
5 Years Old
Weight: 68-lbs.
Impound Date: 8/22/16

Contact Info:
Harbor Animal Care Center, San Pedro, CA
Direct Line 310.548.2632
Kennel Supervisor, Hal Moore
city cell 213.305.8732
Kennel Supervisor, Gerald Hill,
city cell 213.305.8312

(photo via ARF Harbor Shelter/Karl Lovey’s Photography)

Last call for Gigi – surrendered when owner went to college

Gigi had a home…and a family, but today she is alone and at great risk of being put down. According to Rescue Me Tampa, Gigi’s owner left for college and mom did not want Gigi anymore. The volunteer-run Facebook page stated:

Poor Gigi. Her owner went off to college and her Mother does not want to keep the dog, due to the fact she is an outside dog that escapes frequently, will dig under the gate or climb over the 8 ft chain link fence. Sounds like she is bored and not taken care of to us… Gigi needs A HOME INSIDE!!!

Additional personality information was posted to Facebook:

She is very sweet and adorable. She has a note she is friendly with children too! She is a good girl in play group with other dogs and is noted to be tolerant, gentle, dainty and high energy playing. She has been spayed, she has also tested HW positive, easily treatable.

This betrayed dog may very well pay with her life for her owner’s indifference – Gigi has been at the facility since September and nobody has expressed a desire to adopt her. Animal control agencies do not keep dogs forever and Gigi is out of time.

Please help share Gigi’s adoption information – she could use the help of strangers if she is going to make it out of the facility alive.

Petharbor link here. GIGI – ID#A1671534

Hillsborough County Animal Services
440 N. Falkenburg Road
Tampa, FL 33619

RESCUE INFO: To place a rescue hold or to become an HCAS Rescue Partner, please email

Terrified dog owner surrendered – must be out by Tues night

Update: Rescued by Canine Nation!

A terrified dog, described as a German shepherd mix, was owner surrendered to a Philadelphia animal control agency on October 8 and he is urgently in need of rescue or adoption. The dog, who is under two years of age, “must find exit” by October 11 (Tuesday) at 8 p.m.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Facebook page “Philly Urgents,” wrote, “Negrito is a handsome 1 – 2 year Shepherd mix was brought to the shelter because his owners could not properly house him. He is reported to have lived with other dogs, cats, and children in the past. His previous owners say that he walks well on his leash, will come when called, and absolutely loves to play fetch! Sadly, being in the loud and stressful kennel environment has caused this sweet pup to become very scared.”

Negrito is so terrified in the kennel that he cowers in the corner and refuses to come out for staff. Negrito is in an album of extremely urgent dogs – Philly Urgents explains the urgency of the situation:

All of the dogs in this album are at risk for euthansia due to being Time-stamped. If your rescue can help any of these dogs, please contact ASAP and come into the shelter.

If you are interested in adopting the adoptable time-stamped dogs, please email

Breed: German Shepherd mix.
Intake: Owner surrender on 10/8 (inadequate housing).
Age: 1 – 2 years.
Weight: 64.4 lbs.
Sex/Alter Status: Unaltered male.
Behavior Condition: Scared in kennels, at risk of declining in shelter.

Facility address:
111 W Hunting Park Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Surrendered to high-kill shelter: Dog’s collar removed and replaced by a rope

He’s just a little guy with a tragic story. As his collar seems to have been removed and replaced by nothing more than a rope tied around his neck, a three-year-old Chihuahua will be very lucky if he finds his way out of the front door of the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in California.

Click here for this little one’s adoption listing.  #A4999572. “I don’t have a name yet and I’m an approximately 3 year old male chihuahua sh.  I am not yet neutered.  I have been at the Baldwin Animal Care Center since October 4, 2016.  I will be available on October 8, 2016.  You can visit me at my temporary home at B210.” A Facebook page for this dog can be followed here as advocates share his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

Volunteers who have met this dog state he is extremely sweet – even during the stress of this heartbreaking situation.

Chihuahuas like him struggle to leave the shelter system Alive… Why? Because he’s not a tiny Chihuahua, he’s not a puppy, and he’s in an area that dumps dogs by the bus loads. So let’s help him beat the odds,” states  the Chi’s advocate Sal Valdepena. “Something about seeing a dog brought to a shelter just destroys me.”

To help this proud little pooch, contact the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center located at 4275 N. Elton Street in Baldwin Park, California. Call (626)962.3577.

Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook.


Nothing but praise for dog on ‘the list’ to be killed

There is nothing but praise for an unfortunate dog who is on the dreaded ‘list’ which puts her at high risk for being killed at a busy animal control agency in New York. The young dog, named “Zaire,” (ID #A1090945), is described as a snuggler who is a “total people dog.”

A volunteer shared some insight about the death-row dog:

I love when staff tells me how sweet and snuggly a dog is before I meet them. Nothing but accolades for what a people dog Miss Zaire is. Happy to be leashed, going potty as soon as we’re out the door, we head to my favorite snuggle place for some one on one time. Sure enough, Zaire leans into me, puts her head on my knee, and when I look back on my pictures her eyes are closed, savoring the moments.

Being lovable and happy is not enough to keep Zaire safe – to keep her from being on ‘the list’ that no dog should be on. Zaire is at risk of being killed, though she has done nothing wrong.

dog on 'the list'

A volunteer added:

if you’re looking for a dog who will make you the center of her world, then Zaire is the girl you want to meet. I’d love to think of her in snuggle bliss, eyes closed with pleasure, cuddling in her new home. Are you the person who can give her that gift?

Please click here to read the full profile on this three-year-old dog who is at risk of being killed on October 5.

Note – Zaire has exhibited stress at the animal control agency and may not be suitable for households with other dogs. Please contact the facility directly to learn more about this dog. You can call (212) 788-4000 for automated instructions.