Heartbreaking: Maz dumped with 4 tiny puppies stopping short at entrance to shelter cage

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In Polk County, Georgia, our hearts have collectively broken watching a mother dog and her four tiny puppies being surrendered to an overcrowded shelter. It happened just two days ago, when Maz’s owner tried to walk her three-year-old husky blend through the entrance way to the kennels. Maz knew that she and her family were in danger. She “immediately hit the brakes,” and who could blame her?

Check out the first video:


…this was her being surrendered and walking in to the kennel area. I think that it is important for people to see what these dogs go through so that when they are acting either scared, shut down, terrified or even acting aggressive/protective over their babies they understand why!

Shannon HIcks Camp volunteer and rescuer

Shelter volunteer Shannon Hicks Camp had been at the shelter when Maz and her family had been surrendered, describing how heartbreaking it had been to watch these dogs when they enter the shelter; so often scared and feeling so alone. They don’t know who to trust or what to do especially when they have babies.

Video of Maz not understanding what this is all about.


And these are the dogs who are unfairly labeled as aggressive or scared and fall way too low on potential adoption listings. These are the dogs who are not interested in meeting new people; most likely Maz is wondering what happened to her human, and when will she return to take everyone home?

Why am I here?


This little family is settled in for the night but now we have to pray that mom is open to trusting us tomorrow otherwise it will be impossible to try to save this family!

Shannon Hicks Camp

The family is located at Polk County Animal Control in Cedartown Ga and desperately need rescue; please pledge, please tag and please share! Sharing saves lives.

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Dancing kitten
Dog covers up baby to keep her warm.

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  1. I hope this precious treasure and her babies are rescued ASAP. If I were in the area, I would love to foster them…….. anyone know of transportation services to Washington state???


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