Warren woman dumps puppy in dumpster while leading police on speeding traffic chase

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In Warren, Michigan, Selena Maria Martin was arrested late last week after refusing to stop for police after speeding, driving on a suspended license, crashing her vehicle; and then tossing a puppy in a construction dumpster.

The incident began as police attempted a traffic stop near 10 Mile Road; Martin eluded police and sped away while weaving in between traffic and driving in the oncoming lane. It had been reported the woman had been driving at speeds over 100 mph and passing vehicles on the shoulder of the highway. When she exited off a ramp at 80mph, she crashed into a bystander’s vehicle. From there Martin and the passenger fled on foot and tried to steal another car before they were apprehended.

According to CbsNews, Martin, 25, and a 14-year-old passenger were taken into custody. Police officers stated the two had abandoned the puppy because it had been slowing their escape.

Police searched area dumpsters and found the puppy who was not harmed. The puppy has since been adopted by a community member.

Martin remains in jail in lieu of $10,000 bond; 10% cash surety bond has been set. Martin has had previous convictions for fleeing and eluding police.

(Photos via screenshots police and video)

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