UPDATE: Elvis has left the building: Only dog who didn’t find a home at adoption event

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Elvis has LEFT the building!

“When no one else wanted him, we found him. We’re all a bunch of misfits” -Drew (right)

“His adopters had been waiting for the right time to welcome a dog into their family and once they saw Elvis on the news, they couldn’t deny that it was fate! Loren (left) had worked as an Elvis impersonator in his past and plans to keep his iconic name! This couple is head over heels in love with their new family member and already has a dog bed and tons of toys waiting for him at his forever home. Loren is a dedicated ACS supporter and has hosted many of ACS’s fundraising events as Chicago’s fabulous drag queen, Debbie Fox! We couldn’t be happier for Elvis who finally got his happily ever after!”

At the Anti-Cruelty Society adoption event in Chicago, only one dog did not find his forever home. Sadly, Elvis had not left the building, but let’s do something about this and help this adorable pooch find his new human.

According to the rescue organization, the three-year-old American pit bull terrier mix wasn’t adopted during the “Fall in Love” event over the weekend. Although Elvis did meet a lot of potential adopters, he didn’t get any solid offers.

Elvis is a 3-year-old meatball that has the silliest personality! His giant smile lights up every room he enters. Elvis is a snuggler so he hopes you are okay giving up your personal space. Elvis would do best as the only pet in the home. This happy pup is potty-trained, crate-trained, and also knows how to sit and lay down on command.


Elvis was found by animal field agents as a stray. At the time, his back leg was sore, and after taking radiographs, it was found that he had a pelvis fracture. He has since healed, but according to his veterinarian, he might be prone to arthritis in the future.

Over the weekend, 61 pets found their forever homes; 22 dogs and 39 cats are now currently acclimating to their new forever families.

If by some chance, Elvis does get adopted, there are plenty of deserving candidates. Check them out!

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