Handsome Great Dane waiting at Lake Isabella shelter since March and no one has even noticed him

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The Kern County Animal Shelter in Lake Isabella is a full-service animal shelter serving the residents of the Kern River Valley area. Four-year-old Scooby has been waiting at the shelter since March 12. Neither his family nor any interested adopter has shown up to adopt him, and he’s very lonely and becoming more depressed.

he’s spending his days and nights in a cold, lonely kennel. Surely someone wants to take him home in a mystery machine and shaower him with scooby snakes.


It seems as if Scooby might not be receiving much attention on social media, so let’s help this big guy out by sharing his photo and his story with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Adoption offering:


Located At: Kern County Animal Services – Lake Isabella

Description: Shelter staff named me Scooby.
I am a male, fawn and white Great Dane.

Age: The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old.

More Info: I have been at the shelter since Mar 12, 2024.

Location: Kern County Animal Services – Lake Isabella

Website: www.kerncountyanimalservices.org/pages/kern-county-animal-shelter-lake-isabella

Phone Number: (760) 378-1131

Address: 14891 Highway 178
Lake Isabella, CA 93240

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Fun times
Little guy has an itch!

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  1. Great Danes are fantastic family dogs…….. If I was in CA, I would adopt this precious treasure in a heartbeat!!!

    I hope someone local will open up their heart and home for this precious treasure……..


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