Scared pup caught between train tracks and coyote attack exhales sigh of relief when rescued

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In Downey, California, an abandoned young dog had been doing her best to survive. For two weeks she had been seen on the corner of the railroad tracks – sometimes taking up a spot in the middle of the tracks. Her life depended on her survival skills or at least her ingenuity and luck; trying to elude hungry coyotes and oncoming trains.

Logan’s Legacy, a rescue organization that helps abandoned animals in California, is run by Suzette Hall. Once the pets are rescued, Hall provides them with veterinary care and foster homes until they are well enough to find their adoptive homes. Just last evening, Suzette rescued a dog that had been left to fend for herself. Fortunately, a kind woman had noticed the dog and had been feeding her. Hall rushed over and planned and successfully executed another miraculous rescue.

Video #1:

This morning I thought I saw her still there, but it was a coyote. She [the abandoned dog] would hide in the car dealer lot for safety. There was a hole in the fence she would go through. She is truly another miracle. She knew how to survive.

Suzette Hall on Facebook

After the humane trap was set at the hole the dog used at the car dealership, Suzette just waited. The train passed through many times while she was there, and for hours the frightened dog would go back and forth from the tracks to the car lot. She had seen and heard the women trying to help her, but she was just too scared to take a chance.

Meanwhile, the coyotes continued to hunt for prey, and it was just a miracle this little one could avoid having been caught and dragged away. Any slight mistake – either she would be hit by the train or a predator would have caught her.

And after hours of waiting, praying and just some miraculous luck, she walked into the cage and was rescued.

I was so happy, so relieved. She is rescued. And will never have to wait on a train track ever again. Sweet baby girl, everything is going to be ok.

Suzette Hall

Video #2:

Meet Ribbles. Her new life begins today. Thank you Suzette for always going that extra mile to help those who cannot speak.

(Photos via Suzette Hall and Valerie Spolsky)

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