Man taking morning walk spotted frightened pup stuck in storm drain

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In the Melrose Park neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Monday afternoon, a man taking his morning walk spotted a frightened dog stuck in a storm drain. It wasn’t long before the Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue showed up to help.

As can be seen in the video posted to Facebook, a crew member lowers a ladder into the drain and picks up the scared pooch after she gets a good sniff of the men who were there to rescue her. Moments later, a safety rope is tied around her neck, and she is picked up by the scruff of her neck and freed from the dreary underground trap.

Check out the video:

The sweet momma dog was relieved to be out of the water. Somehow Nanna had survived down there for days. She is now safe in our care and despite being emaciated is in good spirits.

Humane Society of Broward County

It is not known how long the dog had been trapped, but neighbors had reported hearing a dog barking for the past three days, although no one knew where the sounds were coming. No one ever thought of looking down in the storm drain.

Luckily on Monday, the man walking by the storm drain had “heard a noise that sounded like crying and went over to take a look.” He was able to remove the grate but the dog was too frightened to come out. That’s when the Good Samaritan called 911.

Nanna, as the dog has been named, recently gave birth and was still lactating, but her puppies have not been found. Firefighters searched deep into the piped area in the drain hoping to find them, but were unsuccessful. The dog is under the care of veterinarians at the Humane Society of Broward County.

Nanna is expected to be available for adoption by this weekend. Please check her if interested in giving this sweet girl a loving home.

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