Huge-hearted volunteers brought hundreds of bags of ice to keep pups cool at Ohio shelter after power outage

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A power outage at the Franklin County Dog Shelter in Ohio on the hottest day of the year created concern for the comfort and health of the animals who could suffer from the blazing heat. Not to worry though – the community came through and in a big way.

According to the shelter, they lost power on Tuesday, and a Facebook post sent out asked for help.

We need your help. The power is out here at the shelter, and our pups need ice to keep cool in this blazing heat.

Franklin County Dog Shelter

Within an hour, hundreds of animal lovers and supporters of the shelter arrived at the parking lot with bags of ice and helped to cool the dogs in plastic tubs, their kennel cages and any place one of the adorable pooches wanted to cuddle up to the ice relief.

After hearing of the shelter’s recent power outage, a group of 4th year Veterinary students from The Ohio State University, arrived at the shelter today to help. After taking the dogs out for a quick potty break, the students helped to make sure all of the dogs were able to have a little fun and cool down in kiddie pools of ice that were donated by the community to the shelter.


Once the power came back on, it would be hours before the building would cool off and days before all the laundry would be done. Community members have donated bedding, kiddie pools, water and peanut butter. Included were donations of pizza, snacks and Gatorade for the staff and volunteers who stayed to care for the dogs.

We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of love and support that was shown during our time of need this week. Your compassion for animals, the love for your community and your generosity and kindness are inspiring. From our family to yours, thank you!


To help, volunteer, adopt or donate, please click here.

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