Pandemic pet adoptions have ended and now there is a crisis at shelters

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The amazing number of pet adoptions that swept through the nation during the height of the pandemic has come to an end and now there is a crisis of homeless pets. Shelters and rescue agencies from coast-to-coast are so inundated with unwanted cats and dogs that many have ceased to take more in.

On Thursday, the Kansas Hiumane Society alerted the public to the dire situation, writing:

We’re going to very honest – things are really hard right now and we are at a breaking point.Both Kansas Humane Society (KHS) and the Wichita Animal Shelter (WAS) are at ABSOLUTE MAX CAPACITY – and more animals arrive each day. Intake is at record highs for both shelters and adoptions and pets reclaimed by their owner are at record lows. The flow of animals doesn’t stop, but no one is coming to save them. This is an absolute crisis situation, and we need our community to rally together for the next several months to get through it. We desperately need your help to save lives so very difficult decisions don’t have to be made due to lack of kennel space. Innocent animal lives are at severe risk.

On June 12, the southern California-based organization, Last Call K-9 Rescue, wrote:

We have several litters of puppies that have had ZERO interest or application requests.
We have MANY large adult dogs that are just sitting in rescue for several mo this or a year and longer.
If you find a dog, PLEASE report it to AC and hold it or take to the shelter.

On June 13, Old Drum Animal Shelter outlined their crisis situation as well:

Unfortunately, the need for your help continues. We are FULL.
We have found ourselves dealing with a massive number of animals still needing our help. We have reached capacity in our kennels again, with no extra room to spare for even a stray dog. Temporary kennels have been set up in our lobby to provide extra housing for the ones being dumped. This is not an ideal situation for the staff or the animals. We recently assisted in a puppy mill bust and the extra housing of dogs has increased workload all around.

People who were stuck at home in 2020 and 2021 clamored to alleviate their boredom by getting a pet…now that they are traveling and going back to work, they are dumping pets.

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