Five innocent puppies dumped in pouring rain on the side of Louisiana road Thanksgiving night

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While families had been finishing their Thanksgiving dinners and settling in for more family time on a rainy Thursday night, some heartless person had dumped five puppies near the Paws of Northeast Louisiana rescue organization.

Rescue coordinator Jennifer Nichols Pesnell had been heading home on Thanksgiving evening when she spotted a drenched, frightened puppy dart across the road and hide under an old flatbed trailer. Jennifer immediately hopped out of her vehicle to find the puppy and was quite surprised when she found five puppies – all hiding under the trailer trying to escape the pouring rain.

With the help of some soft words and sliced turkey treats, the five little ones were soon resting comfortably in crates and tucked in a stall in Jennifer’s barn until morning. One puppy had an injured leg, but all were fed, and they started to perk up a bit. All five of the puppies are females, and the rescue organization will be in search of foster homes for them in the near future.

While I am discouraged and overwhelmed, I am also thankful I have the resources to help these pups. The good life starts now baby girls.

Jennifer Pesnell on Facebook

Check out the rescue video:

Because of the kindness of Jennifer accompanied by the generosity of animal advocates everywhere, the five puppies are thriving. They have all been vaccinated, dewormed and had their first doses of heartworm and flea and tick prevention medication. The one puppy with the leg wound is now sporting a bright pink wrap; her injuries have been cleaned and she is on antibiotics and pain medication.

Three of the puppies are very friendly, one is very shy and the little girl with the injured leg is shy but quickly coming around. All of the dogs are doing great.

Check out the puppies getting their puppy stuff on here:

To help with the puppies, please click here.

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Baby in bin of puppies.

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