Update on skeletal Gwendolyn the dog adopted from same shelter found near dumpster

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What happened to Gwendolyn? On Saturday, the skeletal dog was found by a dumpster. She was alone, her ribs exposed, and she was unable to even stand. Fortunately, Dallas Dog – Rescue.Rehab.Reform stepped up to help.

Just months ago, someone had walked into the Texas shelter, adopted her and took her home. She was owned, she was chipped and somehow “she was discarded like trash.”

“A family did this to her. They adopted her from a DFW [Dallas Fort Worth Animal Shelter] shelter on April 7. She weighed 49 pounds when she walked out of that shelter, and weighed 18.5 pounds when they carried her lifeless body back in. That is a difference of 30.5 pounds in almost 7 months. Did the family ever love her? Did they throw her to the streets right after they adopted her? All questions that need answers. That is where DogRRR Nation comes in. I have submitted an open records request. Once I receive those, I will start the DRIVE FOR JUSTICE for QUEEN GWENDOLYN,” the organization posted on their social media page.

Gwendolyn was rushed to the rescue organization’s emergency veterinarian partner in critical condition. She was completely emaciated with no muscle mass left in her legs as a result of severe starvation and did not have the strength to stand. Every bone in her body was visible.

“Her fur/skin was stained and scalded from a build-up of urine and feces. It appears she was laying in her own body waste for a long period of time. Bloodwork revealed she was severely septic and anemic from trying to fight infection for so long and not having any nutrition. She had almost ZERO red or white blood cells. Her blood sugar and protein levels were also extremely low. She is now receiving intensive supportive care. She required IV fluids, blood transfusion, and multiple antibiotics. She has to be carried/sling walked anywhere because she physically cannot stand on her own,” her latest update reported.

No doubt, Gwendolyn has a strong survival sense, and she is receiving everything available to help her. Look at her eyes – such a sweet dog who has been an innocent victim of abuse and neglect. How could anyone have watched her deteriorate like this day after day and never offered her any help?

Rest Gwendolyn – you have an army of compassionate animal lovers hoping you can muster up the strength to regain your health.

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Gwendolyn needs help.

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