Update on senior dog Merry Bell dragged through Texas shelter

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One day after Christmas, an older Great Dane had been found as a stray living in deplorable conditions. A disturbing video posted on social media showed the dog being dragged to a shelter cage at the BARC Animal Shelter in Houston; she appeared very distressed.

The video showed the officers dragging the dog while her legs hit the floor as she swayed around. No doubt the dog had been in excruciating pain while being carried along.

SNARR Animal Rescue Northeast came to the rescue. They named her Merry Bell.

“She is very thin, masses on side, geriatric, both legs appear broken, unable to stand. No tags or microchip. Our vet staff is keeping her comfortable and will have her on pain meds. She is available for an early medical release.”
Left rear leg broken. Large mass on right rear lateral abdomen near spine. Geriatric, underweight. Depressed,” was the senior’s heartbreaking description.
And now, less than two weeks later, Merry Bell has been recovering and enjoying the attention from her foster mom.
Check out the video: (copy and paste the url into your browser to view)
“Lookey (sic) here !!!! IT’S MERRY BELL!!! This girl stole the hearts of many. Her shelter video was heart breaking.
Several people wrote me, saying the kinder thing would be to euthanize her.
We find it very difficult to put a dog to sleep when they have something “fixable” without at least trying first !!! Well thank goodness we tried !!! Merry Bell still is extremely sore from her several broken ribs and she has a long way to go, but she’s standing up on her own and taking a few steps by herself.
We are over nighting a sling to assist her foster and we hope it’s only up from here !!! Merry Bell is extremely sweet and very grateful for her second chance. She’s happy, affectionate, and eats like a champ.
Thank you to everyone who believed in treating this beautiful soul and not giving up,” the organization posted along with the dog’s latest video.
To continue helping Merry Bell, please click here.

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