Unlucky pooch named ‘Jake from State Farm’ in search of loving home

At the Burlington Animal Services, ‘Jake from State Farm’ has made news across the country today. Admittedly, the eight-year-old pooch has encountered some bad luck lately, but the “Luck of the Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day will surely turn the doggy frown into a big smile when his perfect human enters his life.

Here’s the heartbreaking background information about this boy who has been returned to the shelter in North Carolina four times in the last three months including multiple foster home failures.

Jake arrived at the shelter in January “stressed, scared and hungry” when first responders found him trapped in a crate with his dead owner close by. Jake didn’t like strangers at first. The family of the dead man couldn’t keep him, and he landed at the shelter hoping to find a new home.

Mind you, Jake has always been the dog’s name, but a staff member at the shelter started calling his ‘Jake from State Farm’ because he just kept showing up.

His Facebook adoption post and photo was sure to attract attention.

“He has a happy personality seems to keep a smile on his face. Jake would love to be a part of your life…”

That magnetic personality and adorable face attracted an adopter quickly, but sadly, through no fault of his own, he was returned when the family suffered severe financial difficulties. Now Jake doesn’t like cats, and his next two foster homes happened to have cats. Oh no!

Many families come to the shelters to adopt puppies, and the older guys get overlooked. Along with an article from the Charlotte Observer, written by Mark Price, ‘Jake from State Farm’ let’s hope his caretakers are getting lost in a long line of emails begging to bring this boy into their home.

For more information, contact: (Jake #136280)

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Such a clever parrot!


Thank you for saving my life.


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