Veterinarians warn Tik Tok users against dangerous trend feeding dogs hot sauce

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Another dangerous trend emerging lately on Tik Tok has veterinarians warning dog owners against the dangerous trend of feeding chicken covered in hot sauce to their dogs. Multiple users have posted videos of themselves covering chicken pieces with hot sauce and then videoing their dog’s reaction as they feed the dogs the dangerous treats.

According to Business Insider, the videos, most of which have since been deleted by the social media platform because of animal cruelty concerns, some dogs lick the food until they figure out how spicy the food is while other dogs snarl and refuse to eat it after tasting a sample. For some disgusting reasons, some of the dog owners find this funny.


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Tik Tok continues to ban videos of this nature and content, depicting cruelty to animals are being removed.

“We will continue to monitor this situation for further developments and take action where necessary.”

A veterinarian with over one million followers has been warning pet owners not to do it because the hot sauce combination could cause pancreatitis, – an inflammation of the pancreas in dogs. And even though some dogs might like the hot sauce treat, it could harm them. He showed photos of a dog he claimed had been given hot sauce on chicken, and now the dog had been at the veterinary hospital suffering with pancreatitis.

Other veterinarians have weighed in to dissuade pet owners from this latest slowly developing trend, stating it can cause heartburn as well as discomfort to a dog’s esophagus. Some dogs experience painful diarrhea and intestinal cramping – they can then be seen vomiting and subsequently become dehydrated.

In addition, onions and garlic are toxic to animals – common ingredients in hot sauces. The ingredient n-propyl disulfide can destroy red blood cells in dogs causing anemia.

Perhaps the best advice before following the crazy trends of Tik Tok? Don’t!

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