Beau was offered for free on Craigslist but rescue group stepped in just in time

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Beau was being given away for free on Craigslist. He had endured suffering for most of his life; the dog had been neglected and abused, and now here he was on Tuesday -being thrown away like an old couch.

Hounds and Pounds, Inc., an organization based in Wayne, New Jersey, helping to end the killing and suffering of dogs throughout the South and the Northeast, were called to intervene and save Beau; in fear the dog would end up in the wrong hands.

” A free dog on Craigslist is extremely dangerous, as dogs end up in scary places, but when we arrived to pick him up we realized he was already in a scary predicament, and this quickly became a rescue mission,” the rescue organization posted on their social media page.

Tragically, Beau had done nothing wrong other than end up in the hands of an owner who didn’t deserve him. The dog had been living in filth and squalor. He had lived outside for his entire life. And there he was; puss oozing from his eyes and skin all crusted over with yeast and mange. Both eyes have entropion – a painful condition where the eyelids roll inwards and the eyelashes and hair around the eyes rub on the corneas resulting in irritation and blindness. Poor Beau could barely open his eyes; oh how they hurt.

Of course he tested positive for heartworms. His ears were full of yeast and “black crud,” and he would need to be sedated to clip the matting away. In addition, Beau was loaded with parasites and fleas.

On Wednesday morning, Beau was taken to the rescue organization’s partner veterinarian where pain management had been the first order of the day. Sadly, he has a long road ahead of him.

Law enforcement has been contacted, and they are starting an investigation into Beau’s history.

“We stepped up for them to ensure his safety but we actually ended up saving his life. How could anyone live with themselves after doing this to a dog? We will do anything possible to pull Beau through this horrific abuse.”

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