Frightened and unsocialized puppies will need patient and devoted homes

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At the Nassau County Animal Services, two eight-pound puppies about two-months of age were found by animal control officers. Their owner has never come to the shelter for them, and these two frightened and likely feral puppies are in need of patient adopters who can spend time with socializing and training them.

The staff at the shelter have named the puppies Ladyfish and Arthur Torley. Although everyone has been asking what their breed might be, it is still unknown, however there might be more to their story – or their mother.

Perhaps the mother of the these two puppies could be Ellie Mae?

“Ellie Mae is frightened. Ellie Mae is a stray that our officers brought to the shelter. We think she is about six years old. She appears to be a Pekingese (mix?). She is missing her left eye. She is probably related to Poe and Rae, two other feral dogs that we picked up at the same location two months ago. She may be the mother of the two pups, Ladyfish and Arthur Torley that were picked up in the same area at the same time, (see their post on our page later tonight). She is feral, frightened, and as you can see, she has not been socialized with humans. We are looking for rescue group or an owner who has experience in rehabbing feral dogs. Please spread the word on social media so we can help Ellie Mae a home.”
Check out Ellie Mae’s video: (copy and paste the url below into your browser to view)
Check out Ladyfish and Arthur’s video:
To adopt:
You can find an online adoption application here:
Please be as detailed as possible when completing the application. The shelter is operating with some limitations during the pandemic.
To ensure prompt service, appointments are preferred.
Nassau County Animal Services, 86078 License Road, in beautiful downtown Yulee, Florida, 32034, near Target, Home Depot and Petco.
Shelter hours: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11 -4, Wednesday 1 – 6, Saturday 11 – 3.
Call 904.530.6150

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