Tragic account of dog owner committing suicide using pet’s crate to facilitate act

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In Jasper, Texas, a most heartbreaking  account of a dog owner committing suicide using his puppy’s crate to step off to facilitate the man’s last tragic act. The puppy remained in the crate and waited for nearly a week until discovered.

The story begins:

“Myself and one other ACO work here at a very small shelter in Jasper, TX. My co-worker got a call out yesterday night. A guy in Jasper County had committed suicide and he had 2 dogs.”

When the animal control officer arrived at the scene, he found an older adult male dog and a female puppy. The deputies told the officer the man had been deceased anywhere from six to ten days.

“He had hung himself from a tree limb and had used the puppy’s crate to step off of. He still had the puppy locked in the crate and she was sitting inside it underneath …”

The male dog was humanely euthanized because of the severity of his injuries. The puppy still needs a rescue organization to step forward.

Follow the progress here finding help for the puppy.

Updates to follow.

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  1. Diana Rowell says:

    Talk about a TRUE HELL HOLE on earth, THIS IS TEXAS folks. Words fail me here that it took that LONG for a response. I read on an external article that a neighbor had called more than 5 days PRIOR to ANY ONE arriving from ANY law enforcement agency. Texans clearly show just how sad and pathetic you can become. Almost SIX DAYS, oh my.


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